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Horsch Terrano
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Catalog excerpts

Terrano Farming with passion Terrano FX Terrano FM Terrano GX Terrano MT

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FARMING HEROES POWERED BY WE WANT TO BUILD THE BEST WE WANT TO SHARE OUR PASSION AGRICULTURAL MACHINES WITHOUT PASSION We feel committed to the farmers‘ community and the As we are farmers ourselves, there is always an exchange When we thought about a perfect slogan for HORSCH, wishes of our customers. Thus, it is only logical that for with our customers to stay well informed about their require- there was one that quickly came to mind: ”Farming with our products and services we aim for the highest standard. ments with regard to our products. They are our motivation, passion”. For this passion...

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HORSCH MILESTONE – FARMING WITHOUT A PLOUGH During the 30-year-old company tradition HORSCH – like no other manufacturer – contributed to the breakthrough of tillage without a plough. In 2013, these efforts were awarded with the “Milestone of Agricultural Engineering“ award. A lot of products, e.g. the Terrano, Tiger and Joker models and last but not least the universal seed drill Pronto DC, allow for farming without a plough on the highest level. According to the Federal Statistical Office by now 40 per cent of the arable land is cultivated without a plough. For wheat it amounts to even 60 per...

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Terrano FX – Universal and low horsepower requirement Terrano GX – Elegant all-purpose tool Terrano FM – Efficient universal cultivator Terrano MT – Shallow mixing – deep loosening Terrano EXTREMELY LOW HORSEPOWER REQUIREMENT! Terrano FX – Universal cultivation without compromise Elegant precision in its diversity Efficient universal cultivator Shallow mixing and deep loosening The HORSCH Terrano FX is a compact 3-bar cultivator with a wide range of use – whether for shallow stubble cultivation or intensive soil cultivation. The Terrano GX has been developed for efficient and accurate tillage....

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TerraGrip SOLID SAFETY The TerraGrip is a very powerful tine with overload protection. The trip height amounts to 30 cm without triggering a shear bolt. This saves time and money. Due to the effective stone protection the tine moves quickly in case of overload and due to the spring force penetrates the soil again quickly and exactly – without the usual side movements. HORSCH POINT VERSIONS FOR ANY USE When avoiding an obstacle, the force of the spring decreases from 500 kg to 175 kg. The force that acts on the frame is thus reduced considerably. The optimised spring kit allows for an exact point...

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The depth effects and the primary use of the different HORSCH packer versions. HORSCH can supply the appropriate packer version for deep as well as for shallow consolidation. The choice of the packer depends on the soil and HORSCH has a reasonable solution for any type of soil. Due to the consolidation excessively loose soil is compacted, clods are destroyed and an ideal environment with an optimum ratio of water-and air-bearing pores is created. The new SteelFlex packer has been developed for the Terrano GX to provide more flexibility. The SteelFlex packer is a mixture of SteelDisc and RingFlex...

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Terrano FX CULTIVATION WITHOUT COMPROMISE The Terrano FX is a compact universal cultivator which can be equipped with different points. It is used for a shallow whole area stubble cultivation or for intensive loosening and mixing of straw to a working depth of between 5 and 30 cm. Its 3-bar, robust frame design with high clearance ensures uniform mixing in of residues even in difficult soil conditions. In comparison to 2-bar cultivators, the Terrano FX keeps the soil within the cultivator for a longer time, thus ensuring an excellent mixing performance. Even levelling and deep consolidation ensure...

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Terrano GX ELEGANT PRECISION IN ITS DIVERSITY The Terrano GX is an all-rounder that works perfectly for shallow as well as for deep cultivation up to 25 cm. The Terrano GX is available as a 3- and 4-bar version and thus combines the requirements of the customers. The working widths range from 4 to 6 metre. It is equipped with the third generation of TerraGrip tines that are located smoothly in the frame and have a release force of 550 kg. The large pivot points guarantee a long, maintenance-free service life. The cultivator can equipped with any of the described point versions and thus can be...

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Terrano GX 3-BAR VERSION 4-BAR VERSION , * * *'■ -V What are the excelling    features of the Terrano GX? — For shallow and deep    working    —    Hydraulic    traction reinforcement — Manoeuvrable due to    middle chassis    — Variable packers

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The Terrano FM is ideal for shallow stubble cultivation and medium-deep tillage, depending on the tractor power. Due to its 4-bar design it achieves intensive mixing and with a tine spacing of 27 cm the horsepower requirement is still low. At the same time the clearance of the Terrano FM is large and thus avoids blocking in case of high amounts of harvest residues. It is equipped with the TerraGrip tine of the third generation - they stand for exact point control due to the high release forces of 550 kg for the Terrano 10 and 12 FM. The large pivot points are maintenance-free and very solid. The...

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Terrano MT SHALLOW MIXING – DEEP LOOSENING The Terrano MT has been specially designed for the following It allows for an intensive loosening down to a depth of 30 cm range of use: ”mixing on the top, loosening at the bottom“. with a low mixing effect. Almost no rough soil is transported The cultivator has a middle chassis and a 4-bar frame design to the surface and it runs below the disc harrow horizon. (2 rows of discs + 2 rows of tines). It is particularly suitable for The new Ultra LD points increase drainage as they cultivate cultivating heavy soils that have to be loosened deeply, but the...

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TerraGrip tines of the Terrano 10 / 12 FM 3 m transport width for the Terrano 10 / 12 FM Spring-loaded levelling discs Rigid levelling discs MulchMix point Wings for all-over cutting; the wing can be used in 2 positions; allows for extremely shallow working. Optional: harrow behind the packer Adjustment of working depth Double RollPack packer RollPack packer Fertiliser guide plate Terrano 3 FX mit shear bolt protection ULD+ point as wear part for all cultivators MiniDrill with a hopper capacity of 400 litres Fertiliser mounting MiniDrill seed distributors put the seed directly into the wet soil.

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