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Product Catalog(ue) english
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Catalog excerpts

It’s all about the roots It’s all about the roots Product Catalog(ue) englis

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, headquartered in Kristiansand Norway, comprises an international group of companies focusing on the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly high quality propagation systems and growing substrates to the professional horticultural-, nursery- and forestry markets worldwide. Utilizing renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coir, pulp, plant starches and other bio-mass, Jiffy has been on the forefront of sustainability for many years since introducing the very first truly biodegradable pot in the mid 1950’s. Jiffy’s manufacturing sites and sales offices are positioned...

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Jiffy is all about supplying guaranteed high quality products to its customers, therefore, a rigid quality control system has been put in place for all of Jiffy’s, trade, transportation, substrates and production locations, as well as for all related horticultural products worldwide, safeguarding the highest quality possible. Jiffy’s ‘Central QA Command’ is based in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. From here all Jiffy locations are continuously monitored on performance and ‘Non-Conformities’ of the system that is put in place as well as the products being produced. Quality Control follows up on all...

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Certificates Product Certifications Where possible, Jiffy certifies its product portfolio for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, etc. The list of products certified might have changed since the printing of this catalogue, therefor it is always good to double check with your account manager whether a certain product is suitable for organic growing, or what certifications are in place currently. RHP certified for Horticulture Jiffy subscribes to the quality mark ‘RHP Horticulture’ for all its substrates produced. The RHP quality mark is just as dynamic as the professional horticulture...

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Tailor made Choose media, choose tray The Preforma plant plug system is one of the most flexible plug systems Jiffy offers the professional grower worldwide. You are in control choosing your favorite tray, you are in control choosing the media, Preforma is ready to go upon delivery, right off the pallet the product arrives on. It cannot get easier than that. Due to the unique way Preforma is manufactured, the plugs retain an air content up to 30%, securing no compaction of the plugs even under heavy misting conditions. An ideal medium for propagation, providing an optimal environment for uniform...

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Consistent quality Cost effective alternative Customized plug and tray sizes Jiffy Plug The , also known on the market as ‘paper plug’, is a cost effective rooting media containing a high quality substrate in a paper sleeve. The Jiffy Plug is available in many different plug sizes and tray configurations and is manufactured using high quality RHP certified ‘paper-plug’ mix. Suitable for the propagation of many different crops, ordering Jiffy Plugs from Jiffy, saves the customer on equipment expenses, at the same time guaranteeing each and every batch of Pre-filled trays made to order ordered plugs...

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Where roots are at home Environmentally friendly alternative The first appeared on the market in the mid 1950’s and has over the years, grown into an ever increasing array of pots, strips (pots joint together as a strip) and poly-packs (pots pre-packed in a poly sleeve for easy handling). Today the Jiffypot is used for many different applications by many different growers worldwide. Nurseries like Jiffypots because of the labor saving the pots can offer at the time of transplanting them into 1 or 2 gallon pots. Healthier roots, healthier crop Landscapers like them because of the labor saving of...

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Jiffypot R2 logo to come Degradable Durability Degradable Durability™ Handles like a plastic pot No transplant shock, healthier plants The is specifically designed for uses where the pot is expected to stand up for an extended period of time. Think of different retail situations, aggressive rooting nursery crops that are overwintered in a cold frame, hydroponic crops, such as herbs and lettuce, where the end product is sold as a living plant with the pot in a sleeve. Jiffypot R2 has kept most of the original ’Jiffypot’ characteristics, using peat and wood pulp as main ingredients, keeping its Home...

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Biodegradable retail solutions The Jiffy is a Jiffypot sporting a colorful ‘shrink-wrap jacket’, making it an attractive looking container well suited for any retail situation where attention needs captured. What sets the Speedypot apart from other biodegradable pots in the industry is that while it has all the advantages of a plastic pot; clean, strong, colorful, custom printable, and mechanically easy to handle in automation systems, once the ‘shrink-wrap is removed and recycled by the end user, Super healthy roots the Speedypot turns into a regular home compostable Jiffypot, ready to be planted...

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Multiple cuttings, single move All types of bedding plants and nursery stock Saves time and labor Jiffy has been specifically designed to bump-up three or more cuttings in one single step, making labor saving of 23-27% possible at the nursery. The block itself, Jiffy’s famous ‘media and pot in one’ concept consists of 100% coir, comes dry and compressed, saving on logistics and storage cost. The blocks are expanded through watering them up, each forming a perfect ‘pot with media’ well suited for transplanting softwood cuttings, later to be bumped up to a larger size container. Saving time and...

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Stick with the best Horticultural grade Jiffy pellets As the range of increased, ‘Horticultural pellets’, Forestry pellets’, Jiffy 7C and other terms were coined to designate additional pellets to the family. Terms like Horticultural and Forestry had not only to do with the available size but also with pH, low or high. Today it is possible to deliver ‘Forestry’ pellets in Horticultural sizes and vice versa’, extending our line of available pellets greatly. There is also a choice in media; 100% peat, peat/coir or 100% coir. Here is how it works; In essence all Jiffy-pellet systems can be delivered...

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