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Products appearing in this catalogue may be covered by one or more of the following US Patent Nos. 5535778, 7410108 and other U.S. patents pending or corresponding issued or pending foreign patents. All rights are reserved. You are specifically prohibited and not allowed to reproduce, copy, duplicate, manufacture, supply, sell, hire, distribute or adapt all or any part of this publication including any packaging. Netafim™, are trademarks of Netafim™ Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries. We endeavor to provide accurate, quality and detailed information. However we cannot accept...

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INTRODUCTION Netafim™ Accessories & Fittings Components product families are designed to complement and support efficient and professional utilization of low volume irrigation systems. Netafim™ Accessories & Fittings Components are an integral part of your irrigation system. Each component is manufactured under the strictest quality control standards ensuring maximum system performance and reliability. The Netafim™ Accessories & Fittings Components comprise features that make them stand out above others. Note: the illustrations in this catalog are not to scale.

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RELIABLE DRIPPER-TO-MICRO-TUBE CONNECTOR FITTING DEVICES Connected to an on-line dripper or dripperline adapter at its base, and up to 8 micro-tubes at its exit, our reliable manifolds enable precise irrigation distribution to multiple points. Elbow adapter barb 3 x 5 Inlet: female    For correct customized press-fit    installation Colored Black Elbow adapter barb 3 x 5 Inlet: female press-fit Colored Gray For correct customized installation Flat manifold 2 outlets 3 x 5 Inlet: female press-fit Colored Black To distribute water to 2 different points Flat manifold 2 outlets 3 x 5 Inlet:...

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SUSPENSION CLIPS FOR PROTECTING DRIPPERLINES AND ENSURING SLOPED IRRIGATION ACCURACY Available either pre-mounted to the dripperline or as a standalone attachment, our line of suspension clips are suitable for vineyard and sloped irrigation applications. Missing catalog numbers available upon request.

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DIVERSE PLUGS FOR CLOSING OFF DRIPPER OUTLETS DURING INITIAL GROWING PERIOD Suitable for on-line and integral dripperlines, our wide range of plugs close off dripper outlets to ensure precise irrigation of young plants across diverse applications. Missing catalog numbers available upon request.

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RELIABLE INTEGRAL DRIPPER-TO-MICRO-TUBE ADAPTERS Our adapters enable easy connecting of on-line or integral drippers to micro-tubes to ensure precise irrigation of plants during their first year of growth across diverse applications. Missing catalog numbers available upon request.

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EASY-TO-USE MICRO-TUBE STABILIZATION STAKES Featuring a clamp-like end into which a micro-tube is inserted, our stabilization stakes ensure accurately targeted irrigation. Missing catalog numbers available upon request.

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MANUAL LINE FLUSH VALVES EASY-TO-INSTALL MANUAL LATERAL FLUSHING VALVES OVERVIEW Our user-friendly manual flush valves not only simplify the folding and unfolding of thin- and thick-walled dripperlines during the flushing process, but also eliminate potential stretching and shrinking across diverse irrigation applications. Easy-to-use open/close mechanism for greater control, increased water savings and improved flushing efficiency Simple structure for easy installation and greater labor savings Chemical- and UV-resistant body for extended durability Low sensitivity to water quality for...

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AUTOMATIC LINE FLUSH VALVES FOR PROPER FLUSHING OF LATEST AND IMPROVED IRRIGATION SYSTEM EFFICIENCY OVERVIEW Suitable for diverse irrigation applications, our automatic flush valves clean out the dripperline at the beginning of each irrigation cycle and reopen prior to the next cycle. FEATURES & BENEFITS ■ Simple structure for easy assembly and installation ■ No moving parts or springs for reliable, low-maintenance operations ■ Chemical- and UV-resistant body for extended durability ■ Low sensitivity to water quality for effective irrigation across diverse applications ■ Fully automated...

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The automatic flush valve can be connected to the laterals with one of the following Netafim™ adapters (to be ordered separately): CATALOG NUMBER PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Ring 16 for fast ring connector (5-25 mil) Ring 22 for fast ring connector (27-32 mil) Ring 16 for fast ring connector (0.9, 1.0, 1.2 mm) Fast ring 22 adapter FTH 1/2" Barb 16 adapter FTH 1/2" Barb 17 adapter FTH 1/2" Barb 20 adapter FTH 1/2"

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NAV - NETAFIM™ AIR VALVES INNOVATIVE, DURABLE VALVES FOR ENSURING ADVANCED AIR CONTROL OVERVIEW These type of air valves discharge large quantities of air from non-pressurized dripperlines and are used mainly during pipe filling. Air discharge is critical for efficiently filling pipelines with liquid. Air and Vacuum Valves also enable the intake of large quantities of air when lines are drained, when the pressure drops suddenly and at water column separation. Air intake is essential when draining lines during maintenance and for preventing pipe collapse when vacuum conditions exist. These...

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COMBINATION AIR VALVES - NAVc 10 & NAVc 16 These type of air valves fulfill the tasks required of both types - Air and Vacuum and Automatic Air Release Valves. They discharge large volumes of air when the system is being filled, admit large volumes of air during system drainage and continuously release entrapped air when the system is under pressure. HIGHLIGHTS ■ Large-diameter automatic orifice ■ All-in-one product for safe pipeline filling/ draining and dissolved air pocket release ■ Applications: main irrigation networks, irrigation control heads, in-field systems, landscape irrigation,...

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