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HARNESSING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF LED TECHNOLOGY. With the introduction of PL Light Systems’ HortiLED products, growers no longer have to compromise on lighting quality. They can achieve the same lighting performance as traditional sources–with all the benefits of LEDs. The LED optics have been engineered to deliver unrivalled lighting performance–offering the best possible combination of performance and efficacy. Robustly constructed from aluminum and only the highest quality LEDs, the HortiLED products offer the industry-leading quality you’ve come to expect from PL Light Systems.

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A SOLUTION FOR ANY APPLICATION Each of the HortiLED product offerings features unique LED optics–custom engineered to deliver optimum lighting performance for specific indoor horticultural applications. HortiLED MULTI A highly versatile LED top-lighting solution that offers unrivalled lighting performance and energy efficiencies. 4 HortiLED INTER An LED inter-lighting solution that features a highly unique optical design that delivers optimum performance in high-wire applications. An LED solution that enables highly controlled plant growth in multi-layer applications with limited daylight,...

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OPTICAL DESIGN FREEDOM Designed for maximum flexibility, the HortiLED products deliver optimum optical performance in any type of indoor growing application. All products are designed to produce the ideal light level and distribution for a particular crop–either as a full LED solution, or to supplement an existing lighting system. SPECTRAL TUNING The HortiLED luminaires offer multiple color spectral variations– each specifically designed to elicit the desired plant response– including leaf size and stem elongation, chlorophyll concentration, pigment concentration, branching and early / late...

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HOW PLANTS PERCEIVE LIGHT Plants and humans perceive light very differently. The human eye responds most strongly to light in the green/yellow part of the spectrum. Plants, however respond most strongly to the PAR region (blue and red wavelengths) for photoperiodic growth responses and germination control. Photosynthesis, flowering, climate response and photomorphogenesis are all affected by the intensity, duration, distribution and spectral quality of light. Blue Light (400-499 nm) - I nhibits stem elongation - I mportant for chlorophyll synthesis - Promotes greening...

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460 nm deep blue Efficiency: 2.4 pmol/J OPTIMIZED COLOR RECIPES Designed to deliver optimum color efficiencies, the HortiLED products offer multiple standard, as well as custom, color recipes to ensure growers are able to tune their lighting to the optimal wavelengths for each stage of growth. HortiLED    HortiLED    HortiLED Red/White    LB/MB    -    MB Red/White /Blue    -    -    MB/HW Full Spectrum    ✓    -    ✓ Efficiency: 3.0 pmol/J    Efficiency: 2.0 pmol/J Custom    ✓    -    ✓

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Designed for optimum performance and exceptional efficacy, the HortiLED TOP is a versatile top-lighting system that can be used for all types of crops. HortiLED TOP PERFORMANCE MEETS EFFICIENCY With a light output of 860 μmol/s and a system efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J, the HortiLED TOP delivers optimum performance and energy savings. Engineered to deliver lighting performance on par with that of traditional light sources, the HortiLED TOP is ideal for use in many different top lighting applications. Available in multiple distribution and spectral options– HortiLED TOP offers unparalleled...

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IDEAL BALANCE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS The HortiLED TOP is available in two distribution options to deliver optimum light intensity to the surface of the crop. Rated Main Voltage Input Frequency 80° DISTRIBUTION With a highly-focused beam pattern, this distribution option delivers exceptional depth penetration into the plants. Power factor >0.98 Actual Input Power 320W 50,000 hr Photon flux maintenance of 85% @ max. ambient operating temp of 30°C 5 years Manual Dimming (LV only) 150° DISTRIBUTION Offers exceptional uniformity–enabling wider spacing so growers can achieve desired light...

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A highly-unique optical design provides exceptional energy efficiencies and ideal distribution of light onto the plant canopy in high-wire applications. HortiLED INTER PRECISELY CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION A highly unique optical design allows for the best possible combination of light intensity and distribution along the vertical plane of high-wire crops like tomatoes or cucumbers. The HortiLED INTER delivers up to 125 μmol/m2.s uniformly to the top surface of the leaves, even at the lowest levels of the canopy–while delivering system efficacies as high as 2.63 μmol/J. The narrow-profile...

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IDEAL BALANCE The HortiLED INTER provides perfectly symmetrical light distribution to deliver ideal uniformity across the top surface of the leaves—throughout the canopy. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS System Efficacy Rated Main Voltage Power factor >0.95 Actual Input Power 47.5W Lifetime 50,000 hr Photon flux maintenance of 85% @ max. ambient operating temp of 30°C Warranty FIELD-REPLACEABLE DRIVER An external driver module powers up to eight HortiLED INTER modules and allows for easy in-field replacement if required. Light is emitted from the high-output LED array. Light strikes the integrated...

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A high-output LED lighting solution that delivers industry-leading energy efficiencies and optimal lighting quality in limited-daylight multilayer applications. HortiLED MULTI SMALL SCALE, BIG PERFORMANCE HortiLED MULTI is a small fixture that offers big energy savings, allowing for maximum space utilization and system efficacies as high as 2.5 μmol/J. Designed to deliver exceptional uniformity, the HortiLED MULTI ensures even illumination to each individual plant–regardless of its position in the layer. The HortiLED MULTI is available in two module lengths and distribution options. Each...

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