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Catalogue excerpts

NEW! + + 100 Hz weighing technology + + VariSpread + + GPS control + + OptiPoint + + ISOBUS + + The next successful generation with even more power

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AXIS M AXIS changed fertiliser spreading forever With its unique performance potential, the AXIS fertiliser spreader family sets new standards for tough operating conditions: – High spreading precision due to coaxial metering and drop point adjustment – in short: CDA spreading technology – Easy-to-use; clear and safe adjustment with the CDA adjustment centre – Covers very large areas thanks to high-speed spreading d prea s of S Vari l type l for a onics tr elec – Comfortably large clearances for easy handling and simple, quick cleaning Three perfectly adjusted AXIS models leave nothing to be desired...

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CDA adjustment centre One easy-to-control turn at the CDA adjustment centre is all you need to adjust AXIS M quickly and reliably to the required fertiliser type and working width. In parallel, the dosage pre-selection is executed infinitely from 3 kg/ha at the two CDA adjustment centres. The large DfC scale which is proportional to the amount -provided exclusively by RAUCH -facilitates logic, foreseeable quantity adjustment according to the calibration test. The single actuators are controlled hydraulically or electrically by remote control. Functionality meets elegance It has never been so easy...

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Potash granules AXIS M 50.2 W Electrically remote-controlled CDA spreading technology Slug pellets Fine seeds 1 Drop point adjustment 2 Quantity adjustment VariSpread V8 With AXIS M 50.2 W V8, fertiliser type and working width are adjusted from the tractor cabin by electrical remote control. In addition, the remote-controlled, electrical fertiliser drop point and metering slide adjustment facilitates switching between 4 sections on each side (see VariSpread page 7 and 8). Fertiliser chart app All required setting values for fertilisers, slug pellets and fine seeds are listed clearly in the online...

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AXIS W 100 Hz weighing technology Automation, innovation, precision QUANTRON-E2 with VariSpread V4 Weighing frame with two weigh cells Weighing technology in perfection In combination with the RAUCH weighing system, QUANTRON-E2 checks the application rate 100 times per second – during travel. Spreading errors due to varying flow characteristics of the spreading material or changes in forward speed are detected immediately and corrected automatically once per second. Small distance from centre of gravity While spreading, the smart electronics record all data automatically and ensure error-free...

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Precise and variable in wedge-shaped fields With VariSpread, the driver can adjust spreading width and spreading volume quickly and easily by pushing a button during operation in wedge-shaped field or if border lines vary. VariSpread V4: AXIS M 20.2/30.2 with QUANTRON-A/-E2 and manual CDA drop point adjustment are equipped with VariSpread V4 4-fold section control as a standard. By remote metering slide position adjustment, two sections can be achieved on each side. VariSpread V8: AXIS M 50.2 W with QUANTRON-E2 is equipped with the automatic CDA drop point adjustment. By remote metering slide...

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AXIS Q QUANTRON-A metering electronics An intelligent spreader QUANTRON-A is the driving speed dependent electronic fertiliser metering solution for the entire AXIS family. QUANTRON-A with VariSpread V4 QUANTRON-A regulates the open position of the metering slides and thus the flow rate depending on the forward speed and the specified application rate. At varying forward speeds, the preselected application rate remains equal at all times. QUANTRON-A stands out due to its large, clearly arranged display and logical menu navigation. All functions can be electrically and remotely controlled, both...

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GPS-Control Teejet Matrix 570 G Trimble CFX 750 Müller Track Guide II Precise and comfortable on headlands – with variable wedge shaped fields The GPS controlled automatic headland and section control QUANTRON-Guide optimises fertiliser spreading on headlands and wedge-shaped fields. RAUCH QUANTRON-Guide, including the Egnos GPS antenna, can be combined with all RAUCH QUANTRON-A/-E2 displays. Unique in spreading technology, the QUANTRON-Guide’s innovative OptiPoint control opens and shuts the metering slide at the ideal distance to the field boundary at all time. On field edges, the QUANTRON-Guide...

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ISOBUS Utilise synergies – increase efficiency Innovative RAUCH ISOBUS technology for the AXIS weighing spreader 50.2 W allows familiar operation with already existing ISOBUS operating terminals from a variety of providers and machines. CCI-Terminal – ISOBUS can be so easy ISOBUS synergies RAUCH ISOBUS weighing spreaders are currently compatible with universal terminals by MüllerElektronik, John Deere, Fendt, Kverneland, Trimble and WTK. The modern innovative RAUCH CCI terminal* makes the introduction of the future-proof ISOBUS technology as easy as it is convenient. A clear operating logic, high-quality...

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Driving at the limit without hitting    Granusafe:the boundaries.    Grain by grain precision AXIS M has been consistently designed for speed with high spreading precision. With AXIS M, the smallest application rates starting from 3 kg/ha as well as the largest application rates can be precisely spread without affecting the forward speed and working width. The long and wide CDA slide opening at the disc centre and the gentle high-tech fertiliser transfer to the spreading vanes permit impressive working speeds of up to 25 km/h without losing any precision. Even under extreme conditions such as...

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Optional equipment Increased functionality by tailor-made solutions TELIMAT T25/T50 with two functions for fine adjustment and position indicator TELIMAT T25/T50 allows precise full and limited border spreading from the first tramline without loss. TELIMAT is folded in front of the spreader disc by remote control with single-acting hydraulic controls. TELIMAT can be reliably monitored using a well-readable mechanical position indicator. The GSE 30/60 border spreading unit for AXIS M 20.2/30.2 and AXIS M 50.2 enables precise spreading directly at the field border. If required, the simple manual...

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