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Brochure HDS-Series
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Catalog excerpts

HDS-SERIES HYDRAULIC DENSITY SEPARATION HDS-S . HDS-M . HDS-L Bilder folgen Best Solution. Smart Recycling.

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PARTICLE SIZE Water is always used in the treatment process when the products are subjected to particularly high quality requirements. This is the case, for instance, if wind sifting cannot achieve a precise enough density separation. A sink-float separation system achieves significantly more precise separation by virtue of the small influence of the face area of the particles. If the density cut should be above the density of water, an integrated propeller can be used to vary the upwards directed current inside the water bath. This causes only those particles to sink to the bottom of the tank...

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SCREW CONVEYOR FOR THE HEAVY FRACTION The heavy fraction settling to the bottom of the water bath is collected and discharged by the screw conveyor. The heavy fraction can also be showered by nozzles to clean it further on its way through the screw conveyor. ROD CONVEYOR BELT The floating fraction is discharged via a rod conveyor belt with a length of 2,397 mm. The floating fraction is separated from the water flow on the rods similar to a rake while the water flows through them and is recirculated. Water-based density separation – quite small Apparently the smallest separator in material from...

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DISCHARGE CONVEYOR FOR THE LIGHT FRACTION Once it has been separated from the heavy fraction and surface contamination, the light fraction is dropped off via a belt conveyor at a height of around 2.5 m. WASHING DRUM The 6 mm mesh size of the washing drum serves the purpose of drainage. Friction between the material being washed causes the removal of surface contamination. VIBRATING CHUTE Application of input material to the chute Medium-sized water-based density separation needs to be controlled and continuous. Water is supplied and the material passes below a rubber curtain to be fully submerged The...

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UPFLOW UNIT A propeller generates an upflow current in the water bath, causing water to over- The rear conveyor used for discharging the drum by the water flow. Here, surface con- clean light fraction can be rotated around a vertical axis by 180°. This means that the machine does not have to be moved around, the addition of washing water. REAR CONVEYOR The light fraction is carried to the washing of friction between material particles and of the separation can be varied using the WASHING DRUM tamination like dirt is removed as a result flow into the washing drum. The density cut and the tip of...

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Propeller drive (frequency controlled) Total width Total height Total length Stone screw conveyor diameter Stone screw conveyor length Loading height Loading width Discharge height, heavy Discharge height, light Light fraction conveyor length Light fraction conveyor width Weight Emission standard: Total length Total width Total height Loading width Loading height Stone discharge Light fraction discharge Washing drum holes Washing drum diameter Washing drum height Rear conveyor length Rear conveyor width Rear conveyor pivot range Rear conveyor centre distance Stone removal conveyor width Stone...

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All machines of the HDS series offer adjustable density separation with a variable density cut and high separation precision. The main difference between these machines comes down to the throughput capacity. HDS-S • Quick amortisation • Low-maintenance • Continuous operation • Small installation area • High throughput • Plug and play • Robust HDS-M • Integrated water circulation • Cleaning of light fraction • Robust • Low running costs • Plug and play HDS-L • Integrated water circulation • Compact and powerful • 3 processes in one machine: density separation, washing and water treatment • High-speed...

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