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The Abbey Premium Recess Tanker comes complete with hinged back door, internal baffling, a weight sensing sprung drawbar, commercial axle, full length chassis with an inserted axle dramatically lowering the tankers centre of gravity down in line with stepped axles. Sizes range from 2000 - 3000 gallons. ABBEY TANKER RANGE SPECIFICATIONS The Abbey Overhead Boom Arm can transfer slurry to field Tankers fitted with hydraulic top fill hatches. This unit can rotate up to 270° making it possible to unload either at the right hand side or left hand side of the Tanker. The Abbey Self Fill System is available as an option in either a side mounted arm or a centre-mounted bi-directional arm.The Abbey Self Fill unit requires just one double acting valve enabling the complete operation to be carried out from inside the cab. The Self Fill Systems are available with either over or underground pods. Optional Turbo Filler available in 6” & 8” will reduce fill times by up to 35%. All Abbey Galvanised Tankers undergo a multi-stage hot dip galvanising process. Painted ABBEY MACHINERY Tankers undergo a four stage painting process including baking in our state of the art oven facility. Optional Weight Management System with two separate compartments giving additional weight to the tractor while spreading. Optional Rear Tanker Linkage for Trailing Shoe/Injector/ Bandspreader. PLY/Load index Outside Diameter mm Section Width mm Pattern 12 165A8 12 12 161E 12 169D 10 12 170D 12 12 172A8 A A D A B B, E B C C B, F C C C Optional Full Electric Controls can be supplied with any application. Abbey also offer a full range of Applicators, Shallow Injectors, Trailing Shoes, Trailing Pipes and Band Spreaders. Please see separate brochure. ABBEY TANKER RANGE ABBEYMACHINERY PHONE +353 67 31278 | FAX +353 67 33229 | INFO@ABBEYMACHINERY.COM WWW.ABBEYMACHINERY.COM ABBEY MACHINERY LTD., WELL ROAD, NENAGH, CO. TIPPERARY, IRELAND PHONE 067 31278 l| FAX 067 33229! | INFO@ABBEYMACHINERY.COm! WWW.ABBEYMACHINERY.COM

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The Abbey unique patented Double Trap System is fitted to all Abbey Slurry Tankers ensuring maximum pump protection and maximum filling. ABBEY TANKER RANGE Abbey Machinery is one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of slurry handling equipment in Europe. All Abbey Tankers are manufactured using a collared dish end which is unique to the Abbey Tanker; these collared dished ends provide increased strength to the vessel through the 45mm collar support to both ends of the cylinder. A combination of over 65 years experience and the latest hi-tech manufacturing facilities ensure...

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