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CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter A lightweight hand-held device for the accurate and easy determination of chlorophyll content Non-destructive Accurate, reliable and proven Storage of 160,000 data sets Data averaging Graphic display Lightweight battery portable Designed for rapid screening Reliable chlorophyll content determinations The CCM-200 plus is the world’s most advanced chlorophyll content meter providing fast, accurate and reliable determinations on intact plant leaves and crops. The CCM-200 plus is a second generation chlorophyll content meter offering many advantages in performance, data storage and data handling compared with earlier devices. Data averaging Data may be made as: Single measurements 2-30 measurements averaged (with graphing) 10-30 measurements averaged with applied sigma 2 standard deviation to exclude rogue data points (with graphing). Applications include: Non-destructive and battery portable The battery portable CCM-200 plus provides chlorophyll content determinations in the field without the need for destructive laboratory sampling. Specifically designed for fast field screening, each measurement takes only 2-3 seconds to perform. Chlorophyll content is expressed in CCI (Chlorophyll Content Index) units. Published documentation is available advising how CCI units can be converted into actual chlorophyll concentrations within the leaf. Environmental stress Nutrient requirements/management Nitrogen studies Leaf senescence Herbicide activity

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Large integral data storage Up to 160,000 chlorophyll content measurements can be stored in the internal memory. There is no requirement for an external data logger, computer or frequent returns to the laboratory to download data. Stored data can be reviewed in the field, on the display. Once back in the laboratory data is quickly and easily transferred to a PC via USB or RS232. Measurements may be output individually by USB or as the complete storage file. Technical Specifications Measured parameters: Optical absorbance in two different wavebands: 653nm (Chlorophyll) and 931nm (Near...

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