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EGA41 series A versatile CO2, O2 and humidity analyser The EGA41 is a portable desk top CO2 infra-red gas analyser with advanced sensors for oxygen and water vapour measurement. Auto logging to SD memory card The EGA41 features a temperature compensated infrared gas analyser, ensuring stability over a wide range of operating temperatures. The Infra-red gas analyser features a low loss, gold plated analysis cell to ensure a low noise, high output signal from the detector. Oxygen is measured by a dual thermally compensated, high accuracy electro-galvanic fuel cell. H2O measurement is by the latest technology, laser trimmed sensors. All readings are automatically compensated for changes in atmospheric pressure. Integral sample pump Assured accuracy O2 by electro-galvanic fuel cell For over 25 years ADC’s name has been synonymous with quality gas analysis. In thousands of laboratories, all over the world, researchers are using ADC technology to accurately measure concentrations of analytical gasses. H2O by laser trimmed sensor ADC BioScientific Ltd: Leaders in gas analysis Accurate CO2 infra-red gas analyser Designed for ease of operation The EGA41 has a long life sample pump which is designed to give many years of service. The integral soda lime column is used to auto zero the infra-red gas analyser, ensuring long-term stability of CO2 calibration. The storage capacity of the supplied 2Gb, SD memory card provides enough space for hundreds of thousands of data sets. Data storage can be initiated by a high signal on the CTS line of the RS232, when an analogue input gets to a particular level, after one of the relays actuates or at timed intervals. Data download can be via the high speed USB port or the SD memory card can be removed and plugged into a card reader or a suitable memory card slot on a PC. All data is stored in an ASCII comma separated variable (.csv) format. Gas readings, flow indication, power supply status and date and time are all displayed on the large, LED backlit LCD display. Flexible and rapid analysis The EGA41 can be installed and analysing in minutes. The compact and lightweight instrument features a rear mounted, carrying handle for convenient transportation to the measuring site. The supplied mains power supply is connected to a socket on the rear panel, the EGA41 is switched on and within a few seconds the gas concentrations are displayed on the large, LED backlit, LCD display. Configuration and control is by simple to use, menu driven software.

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EGA41 Flexible operation The EGA41 can be powered by a 12V car battery for remote applications. A typical car battery will run the EGA41 for four days on a full charge. The EGA41’s auto zero calibration and auto logging makes it an ideal instrument for monitoring durations of a few days. The onboard absorber column holds enough soda lime for many weeks of operation, ensuring accurate CO2 readings when environmental conditions may be varying. Technical specifications: For continuous monitoring we recommend the EGA30 series from ADC. Flexible inputs and outputs The EGA41 has seven 12 bit...

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