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EGA30 series A versatile CO2 and humidity monitor The EGA30 is a wall mounted CO2 infra-red gas analyser with advanced sensors for water vapour measurement. 2 user configurable alarm relays The EGA30 features a thermostatically controlled infrared gas analyser, ensuring stability over a wide range of operating temperatures. By controlling the temperature above ambient levels we remove the possibility of humid sample gasses condensing inside the gold plated analysis cell. H2O measurement is by the latest technology, laser trimmed sensors. All readings are automatically compensated for changes in atmospheric pressure. Auto logging to SD memory card Assured accuracy Integral sample pump For over 25 years ADC’s name has been synonymous with quality gas analysis. In thousands of laboratories, all over the world, researchers are using ADC technology to accurately measure concentrations of analytical gasses. H2O by laser trimmed sensor ADC BioScientific Ltd: Leaders in gas analysis Accurate CO2 infra-red gas analyser Designed for long-term monitoring The EGA30 has a long life sample pump which is designed to give many years of service. The integral soda lime column is used to auto zero the infra-red gas analyser, ensuring long-term stability of gas calibration. The storage capacity of the supplied 2Gb, SD memory card provides enough space for hundreds of thousands of data sets. An integral battery backup delivers enough power for 5 hours of operation should the main electrical supply fail. Data storage can be initiated by a high signal on the CTS line of the RS232, when an analogue input gets to a particular level, after one of the relays actuates or at timed intervals. Information is presented on a large, LED backlit LCD display. Quick and easy installation The EGA30 can be installed and monitoring in minutes. A two part bracket is simply screwed into the wall, all electrical connections can be prewired to a multiway plug, which is easily plugged into a socket on the rear panel. The supplied power connector plugs into a socket on the rear panel and the EGA30 can then be mounted onto the bracket. The whole process can be carried out in 15 minutes. Gas readings, flow indication, power supply status and date and time are all displayed on the main menu screen. Configuration and control is by simple to use, menu driven software

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EGA30 series - 2

EGA30 Robust and durable The EGA30’s protective, hinged, front panel gives the membrane overlay protection against the ingress of dirt, dust and water. It also deters unauthorised access to the keypad and memory card. Technical specifications: Pump flow maximum: Flowmeter: Internal Backup battery: Flexible inputs and outputs The EGA30 has seven 12 bit analogue inputs for connection to external sensors or DC voltage signals. These inputs are logged together with the date, time, gas readings, flow, atmospheric pressure and relay status. A single analogue output (voltage or current) can be...

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