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The ultra compact photosynthesis system Designed for field use • Ultra compact • Weighs only 2kg • Miniaturised analyser in chamber head • New Graphic display • Advanced data capture and output capabilities • Wide range of experimental applications • Affordable research instrument Ultra compact and field portable The LCi-SD is our smallest, lightest and most user-friendly portable photosynthesis measurement system ever. It allows access to field sites previously considered unsuitable for conventional gas exchange systems. Weighs only 2kg Featuring ADC’s highly accurate miniaturised infrared gas analyser and surface mount technology, the LCi-SD weighs only 2kg, a fraction of the weight and size of most traditional photosynthesis systems. Full functionality, flow control, graphic display and data capture is contained within the ultra compact and rugged LCi-SD console. The LCi-SD is light enough to be carried and operated using a shoulder strap or even worn on a belt. 10 hour battery Powered by a single, small 12V rechargeable battery and incorporating the latest in low power consumption components, the LCi-SD will function continuously for up to 10 hours between charges. Designed for prolonged reliable operation in harsh field conditions, the LCi-SD maintains optimal experimental performance even in high humidity and du

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LCi-SD Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System - 2

Researcher from the University of Aberdeen compares light-saturated photosynthesis of Giant Knotweed (Fallopia Sachalinensis) to other nearby species using the LCi. Miniaturised analyser in chamber head For over four decades ADC have been world leaders in the design and manufacture of infrared gas analysers (IRGA). ADC BioScientific has now developed a miniaturised format of their proven, portable IRGA. The gold-plated IRGA, housed inside the LCi-SD plant leaf chamber, provides accurate, fast, reliable and stable gas exchange performance. By housing the gas analyser directly in the leaf...

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LCi-SD Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System - 3

Wide range of interchangeable chamber heads The LCi-SD is available with an expanded range of interchangeable heads for the widest range of experimental applications. These chambers are easily and quickly exchanged by hand in the field. Boundary layer resistances and concentration gradients are minimised, irrespective of which head is in use. Chamber materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that there is minimal interaction with CO2 or water vapour. Chamber windows are silica coated to reduce scratching. On fitting, each chamber is auto-configurable, removing the requirement for...

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Whole Arabidopsis Plant Chamber Arabidopsis plants and other small plants can be grown in, low cost, sealed pots constructed from standard size soil waste pipes. Adapters allow the direct connection to the Small canopy chamber. Fruit Chamber Two part chamber with transparent upper compartment and sealed base for fruit. The chamber volume is 1l. Fluorometer Adapter For simultaneous gas exchange/chlorophyll fluorescence studies. The chambers feature a fibre optic cable adapter to allow use with chlorophyll fluorescence devices. Broad and Narrow leaf chambers are available that are compatible...

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LCi-SD Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System - 5

New LCi-SD graphic display All real time photosynthesis data, calculations and graphs are clearly presented on the new LCi-SD large, high definition, graphic display. Parameters may be plotted against time or record number enabling measurement trends to be easily monitored and observed. Two parameters may also be plotted against each other, such as in the case of light response curve experimentation. Classical photosynthesis experiments made simple ADC BioScientific has a reputation for developing the world’s easiest to use gas exchange instrumentation. The LCi-SD has been designed to be...

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LCi-SD Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System - 6

Technical Specification For over 40 years ADC’s name has been synonymous with photosynthesis measurements. During this time ADC has constantly been an advocate of utilising the open mode of operation, a technique now accepted within the scientific community as the most accurate and versatile operation system for photosynthesis experimentation. Since the introduction of the first gas exchange systems, ADC has been at the forefront of instrument developments designed to meet everincreasing research goals using more user-friendly, portable and affordable equipment. Measurement range and...

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