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Adding value to nutrition industries At Adifo, we believe that result-driven software solutions are the way of the future. By combining our industry specific knowledge with a relentless passion for innovation, we develop applications that transform feed and food companies into profitable powerhouses. Our mission? To add value to nutrition industries. We do this by offering a unique range of industry-specific software tools for least cost formulation, quality data management, ration calculation, cloud services and ERP. O U R E X P E R I E N C E C U T S YO U R CO S T S Launching new products, exploring niche markets, reducing costs, optimizing resource efficiency and handling the loss of essential business knowledge. These are just a few of the challenges that feed and food manufacturers have to face in an ever changing and increasingly competitive market. As an industry-specialist with over 40 years of experience, Adifo knows how important it is to anticipate such challenges. This is why we have translated our extensive expertise into industry-specific software tools. This way, we help our customers reduce costs, improve workflows and label more efficiently. With 600 customer partnerships in over 60 countries, Adifo truly adds value to nutrition industries on a global scale.

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Aquafeed The aquafeed industry has a unique production and product development process in which challenges such as moisture control and optimal density play an important role. Volatility of ingredients, sustainability and the search for alternative ingredients are just some of the challenges. P R O D U C E AT LOW E S T CO S T S BESTMIX Feed Formulation offers a multi-level product design that allows you to process sub recipes on their own while also taking specific parameters into account such as evaporation on the level of sub recipes or individual ingredients. This method guarantees...

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Feed Feed producers aim to formulate recipes at the best quality and lowest cost, despite the volatility of ingredient quality and prices as well as the constant tightening of regulations. D E L I V E R T H E B E S T Q UA L I T Y AT LOW E S T CO S T BESTMIX Feed Formulation allows you to formulate your products with the most detailed set of quality constraints, including nutritional requirements (such as energy, digestible amino acids, fatty acids), technical product specifications (texture, colour, density etc.) and other production constraints (evaporation, process losses). Not only the...

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Food The process of new product development (NDP) in food industries has changed drastically in recent years. Today's food markets are impatient for new product launches and improved recipes. R&D departments, QA units and product managers are under constant pressure to deliver new products that meet the market’s tight requirements and price expectations. Enter BESTMIX and MILAS software. F R O M R E C I P E CO N C E P T TO S P E C I F I C A TIONS The faster you create and evaluate your prototypes against market requirements, the faster you develop the most relevant and consumer-oriented...

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Petfood The petfood ind ustry has a unique prod uction and prod uct development process. Petfood producers have to manage and generate complicated bills of material, meet nutritional requirements and marketing claims whilst securing a maximum profit. O P T I M I Z I N G T H E P R O C U R E M E N T O F R AW M AT E R I A L S BESTMIX formulation software supports you in correctly analysing which raw materials you should buy when, where and at what price. The multiblend functionality allows users to control and evaluate the usage of raw materials over time and location, based on expected sales...

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Premix As a premix company you are at the heart of the feed, petfood and aquafeed industries. It is not just about providing minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, medications, additives and other supplements. Having to work with higher concentrations, speciality additives and medicated feeds also demands additional business tools for traceability and legal & safety documentation. F R O M P R E M I X OV E R CO N C E N T R AT E A L L T H E WAY TO CO M P L E T E F E E D Whether you want to formulate a trace mineral/vitamin premix, a standard or custom concentrate or sub recipes to formulate...

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Trading Trading companies need immediate access to accurate and upto-date information related to their contracts, logistics and risk positions to be successful. That is exactly why they rely on Adifo’s MILAS ERP solution. B U I LT I N C T R M S O L U T I O N W I T H I N S TA N DA R D E R P PAC K AG E Although the necessity is growing, there are still very few ERPsystems available that offer a fully integrated CTRM solution. It’s no longer a surprise that users in the commodity industry are encountering issues when they attempt to transport the information from their stand-alone CTRM...

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Adifo* SOFTWARE Adding value to nutrition industries

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