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Afi2GO™ - 1

All animal information in the palm of your hand Vital know-how in every drop

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Afi2GO™ - 2

Afi2GO All animal information in the Palm of Your Hand In modern farms, where information is vital for daily management tasks, the need for automatic data collection arises. These farms need fast, efficient and accurate data collection processes. Afi2GO presents a simple yet comprehensive solution for on farm data views and inputs during Animal care visits and at everyday work tasks. Afi2GO is a portable PDA device used for reporting events and animal treatments. Afi2GO is a tool in the hands of the herdsman for treating large number of animals efficiently. It offers accurate indication of...

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Afi2GO™ - 3

Optional Identification Methods

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Afi2GO™ - 4

Applications Afi2GO is built for different types of operations: When working amongst large number of animal in pens, the device alerts for each animal needing attention. This procedure makes animals tracing quick and practical. Treatment Chutes Animals serviced in treatments chutes are lined up, identified per their queue with Afi2GO, treated and sent back to their groups’ pen. Hospital or treatment Pens When separating batches of animal for multiple type treatments (Example: vet visit) Afi2GO indicates the required treatment for every animal identified, thus allowing quick confirmation or...

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