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The next-generation solution for the most accurate heat detection

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Good fertility management means that cows calve at optimal intervals to maintain milk production at the highest possible level. Years of research and field experience have demonstrated the strong, direct correlation between the timing of estrus and the cow’s increased walking activity. Based on this research, the Afimilk team developed AfiAct, the world’s leading automatic heat detection system. How to increase the pregnancy rate and reduce the overall fertility cost per cow? Measuring the walking, resting and standing activity of milk cows and heifers, AfiAct’s methodical sensor technology...

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Automated heat detection saves you money AfiAct II vs. visual observation and AfiAct II + OvSync = Savings between $100 to $150 per cow, per lactation. $100-$150 For the most accurate heat detection Based on the widely used AfiAct technology, the next-generation AfiAct II sets a new standard for heat detection accuracy and sensitivity. The AfiAct II system combines extremely high sensitivity and very few false alerts to detect animals in heat that others solutions miss. • Collects and updates activity and behavior data all the time • Indicates decrease in activity (lame or sick cows) •...

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AfiAct II™ - 4

The AfiAct II system at work 1 AfiTag II AfiTag II devices attach to the animal’s leg for accurate measurement of walking/resting/standing activity. Every 15 minutes (user configurable), AfiTag II sends updated activity data wirelessly via the AfiAct II Reader to the AfiFarm herd management software. 2 Reader The AfiAct II Reader installed in the barn communicates and captures data wirelessly from the AfiTag II devices attached to the animals (whether they are inside or outside the barn).

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AfiFarm herd management software analyzes sensor data to generate reports (cows to be bred, anestrus and abortion). Data can also be accessed on any Web-enabled device 24/7/365. 4 Standard Wi-Fi technology Long-distance RF network Wi-Fi network Standard Wi-Fi technology and connections from the farm office to the AfiAct II Reader in the barn or yard provide straightforward installation and easy operation.

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AfiAct II™ - 6

AfiAct II system highlights The next-generation automatic heat detection system significantly improves pregnancy rates, fertility performance and reduces operating costs. Most accurate system on the market Highest heat detection rate, lowest rate of false alerts Results updated every hour Collects behavior data anywhere on the farm — up to hundreds of meters Simple, easy installation Off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router No need for network cabling

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The highly scalable, adaptable system Supports any herd size — up to tens of thousands of cows Integrates with AfiMilk’s farm and milking parlor management system Accessible from the Web on any type of device — smartphone, tablet, laptop Available as a standalone system AfiAct II significantly improves pregnancy rates and fertility performance and reduces operating cos

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AfiAct II™ - 8

Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management. Since 1977, Afimilk has been a pioneer in the field, with the introduction of the first electronic milk meter. Since then, based on its strong research and development group, the company has continued to provide cutting-edge solutions for the milking parlor. The company’s systems are installed and in use on thousands of farms in 50 countries across five continents. With hundreds of thousands of milk meters and millions of behavior sensors...

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