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AfiLab – Main Benefits for the Dairy Farm AfiLab analysis adds a new dimension to dairy farming. Yielded data is used to optimize feeding, and for following-up and alerting about nutrition disorders. The device’s on-line analysis of milk components is checked against thresholds for alerting about health and nutrition issues among individual cows and for improving milk processing efficiency and quality. By providing such vital information, AfiLab enhances management capabilities, giving dairy managers a competitive edge in their operations. Specific Benefits: Health: AfiLab timely detection of milk composition changes enables early identification of health problems including: Mastitis • Ketosis • Ruminal acidosis Nutrition: AfiLab provides milk component data used for monitoring and planning feeding regimes and for early detection of nutrition problems: Low fat syndrome Negative energy balance • Simple indigestion Quality Control Alerts: By identifying the presence of blood in the milk, AfiLab allows afimilk to stop milking, thus protecting bulk milk from contamination. Vital know-how in every drop |

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AfiLab Features AfiLab is an innovative milk component analyzer. As a member of the comprehensive Afimilk product family, it measures and indicates milk composition in-line in real time. Measurements AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose concentration, and alerts of the presence of blood above a pre-set threshold. AfiLab also measures milk coagulation properties. Technical Characteristics: Operation Method – AfiLab is an optical device that measures the milk flowing through its chamber. The measurement process does not require reagent substances, thus presenting no measuring costs. Part...

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