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Milk Meter for Precision Milking Vital know-how in every drop

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Milk Meter for Precision Milking • Milk Yield - Accurately measures milk yield according to ICAR standards; officially accepted for use in national herd books. • Conductivity - Milk conductivity measurement serves as the basis for a unique mastitis detection algorithm implemented in AfiMilk system. • Other Measurements - Gathers and analyzes attachments, flow rates, milking curves and milking times to assess parlor operation and milking procedures. The easy-to-use AfiMilk MPC milk meter provides full control over the milking process at the milking point. Part of the AfiMilk management...

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AfiMilk MPC – Control Panel Cow Data Shows cow number when it is identified at the milking point. Milk weights replace cow numbers when milking starts. Additional cow data can be retrieved at the touch of a button. The Control Panel displays: Alert Codes This extremely important application alerts users about irregular operations or cows needing special attention during milking. • Codes are assigned to cows producing milk to be rejected (i.e. colostrum/antibiotics/high SCC/blood). Codes may be set to lock the start milking key for cows which milk may contaminate the bulk milk. These codes...

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