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Passive Identification System

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AfiPass For ISO Identificaiton Accurate on-the-farm animal identification and data recording is a pre-condition for ensuring efficient herd management and for implementing systematic programs for genetic improvement of the herd. High levels of animal identification is the primary factor for the success of any automated data collection system. The trends of assigning a standard electronic identification chip to farm animals, has been adapted in countries around the world today. Standard Identificaiton chips are common and used for tracing of animals as well as food safety and data...

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AfiPass™ - 3

Main Configurations AfiPass Identificaiton system in a farm is a flexible adaptable solution to most of the common configurations of milking parlors. It may be configured to support different types of milking parlors as well as different sequences of operation inside the milking parlor. Rotary Parlors AfiPass is used to identify both the animal and the stall in which the animal is milked. Its unique setting ensures that the animal is identified once inside the milking stall, unable to retreat. Thus, a high identification rate and accurate assignment of data to animal is achieved. Shared...

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Components The AfiPass system is built of a main controller, different types of antennas and supports different types of standard ISO Identificaiton tags. Antennas A few types of antennas are available, according to the type of application. printed on ecological paper AfiPass Controller This device controls the identification process. It supports 2 antennas but may be configured to work with extension units to support up to 64 antennas per unit. Test Mode ISO Tags AfiPass supports three main types of ISO tags – Bolus tag, Ear tag and a tag strapped to the leg of the animal. AfiPass is part...

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