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AfiWash™ - 1

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AfiWash™ - 2

AfiWash is a programmable device for controlling a washing and disinfection system in milking parlors - CIP. AfiWash is built to support most of the existing CIP systems and techniques, whether incorporating a wash sink or not. AfiWash allows full control over cleaning regimes as well as of the design of each cleaning cycle. Four default wash programs may be modified to meet the cleaning requirements of the milking system. These wash programs may be sequenced to create a daily or weekly washing schedule. AfiWash cleaning programs may be modified via communication from any PC or laptop, or...

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AfiWash™ - 3

AfiWash Outputs & Inputs AfiWash controls the devices and valves related to the CIP system. Water Valves Hot and cold water valves to supply the correct amount of water for achieving the desired wash temperature at each stage of cleaning. Detergents & Acid Dispensers Up to 3 chemical dispensers may be controlled to provide the required concentration of detergent or Acid in the wash solution. Three-Way Valve For alternating between circulation and drainage. Air Injection Air valve injects atmospheric air into the system creating an air slug pushing wash solution inside the pipes. This is...

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AfiWash™ - 4

Setting up Cleaning Programs I AfiWash cleaning programs are built in steps. Each step consists of a block that refers to one of the J designated outputs described above and a timer determining the time for operating the output (i.e. the ^ device connected to it). When setting up a cleaning program, the operation time for each block is set first then the steps are sequenced for a complete cleaning program. Once the different cleaning programs have been created, a schedule for a daily or weekly cleaning agenda may be built. Such a schedule, allows AfiWash to automatically select the correct...

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