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Automatic Walk-Over Weighing Syste Vital know-how in every drop

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AfiWeigh Automatic Walk-Over Weighing System What is AfiWeigh? AfiWeigh is an AfiMilk module that automatically measures cow’s body weight and stores it in the AfiMilk database. The AfiWeigh system consists of one or multiple weighing platforms installed en-route from the milking parlor, weighing the cows returning from milking regularly. The data downloaded into the cow’s individual database enables generation of body weight-based reports which are an essential component in successful dairy farm management

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Why should cows be weighed? The dry period and postpartum period of a dairy cow determines productive and reproductive performance during lactation. High yielding cows in the post partum transition phase require more energy than they consume to produce milk (fat) and to maintain their body weight. These animals may therefore experience a substantial negative energy balance that is associated with a high risk of metabolic disorders and health problems. Post partum cows usually start to regain body weight and energy balance 30-40 days after calving. Cows that fail to reach these targets are...

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• Identifying cows that are late in regaining post partum weight • Identifying weight loss or gain during the dry period • Supporting feeding regime and attribution at individual feeding envoronment Supporting parameters for monitoring stress and health problems • Retrospective analysis of changes in feeding AfiWeigh is a decision support tool that significantly improves operational efficiency in addition to increasing the entire production of the herd. Vital know-how in every drop | Peak Yield Positive Energy Balance printed on recycled ecological paper AfiWeigh is a...

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