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Identification System

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IDeal Identification System - 2

IDeal Identification System Accurate on-the-farm animal identification and data assignment to animals is a pre-condition for ensuring efficient dairy management. High level of animal identification and data assignment to animals is the primary condition for the success of any automated data collection system. Afimilk IDeal identification system is an important component of Afimilk system. It comprises of three main components – IDeal Controller, antennas and AfiTag – an ID transponder and pedometer attached to the cow’s leg.

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IDeal Identification System - 3

IDeal System IDeal is an electronic system, using low power radio frequency transmission for transmitting information from the cow to the computerized system. The IDeal system serving the different Afimilk modules (AfiMilk, AfiSort, AfiWeigh…) as an identification system, as well as recording the animals’ behavior, is compliant with all the regulations for transmitting systems in Europe, Far East and in North America.

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IDeal Identification System - 4

Our IDeal system for milking parlors identifies the cows in the milking point rather than at the parlor entrance. printed on ecological paper There is one thing on which we, in Afimilk, do not compromise – the quality and reliability of the information our management system provide. This enhances system reliability, ensuring that all the data collected is assigned to the correct animals. Vital know-how in every drop |

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