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ntegrated milking point analysis & contro

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Afimilk introduces a new dimension to dairy farming by implementing the In-Line Milk Lab - the industry’s power couple AfiMilk MPC and AfiLab Managed by AfiFarm dairy farm management software, data is used for earlier detection of health problems and nutritional deficits, better control over milk quality and improvement of the entire milking environment for precision milking. By providing such vital benefits, the In-line Milk Lab enhances management capabilities, giving dairy managers a competitive edge in their operations. Improved Health Timely identification of changes in milk production...

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The In-Line Milk Lab - the industry’s power couple AfiMilk MPC and AfiLab What is AfiMilk MPC? The easy-to-use AfiMilk MPC milk meter provides full control over the milking process at the milking point. AfiMilk MPC is an ICAR-approved milk meter, offering a series of supporting features and operator aid alerts for milking (flow and vacuum fluctuations), cluster removal, pulsation and pre-milking stimulation. What is AfiLab? AfiLab is an innovative milk component analyzer which measures fat, protein and lactose concentration in-line in real time. AfiLab is installed between the AfiMilk MPC...

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