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2022 PRODUCT CATALOG Turkish Industry|International Quality|Modern Systems|Industrial Experience

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Modern Irrigation Modern Irrigation Modern Agriculture 1. The center pivot irrigation system has proven its efficiency in the modern agricultural field during the last five decades until now. 2. The center pivot irrigation system is characterized by high efficiency and quality, in addition to its ability to save great resources and costs in irrigating agricultural lands in different harsh weather conditions and on all types of soils and agricultural lands. 3. The manufacture of the system adopts high-quality galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust, to increase the life span. 4....

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About Us In 1981, AFKO started producing agricultural equipment and accessories for agricultural machinery such as ploughs, seeders, combines, etc. During the company's work and with its development, AFKO began to focus on irrigation systems of all kinds. In 2012, AFKO Metal was registered to produce center pivot irrigation systems in Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey. AFKO was established and gathered in its facility the highly qualified and experienced industrialists and engineers who numbered more than 150 experts and industrialists to provide its developed and best products...

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Mission Providing radical solutions in preserving the resources of investors during their works in the field of agriculture by providing the latest irrigation machines with the adoption of all international quality standards and competitive costs for the global market, taking into account the needs of farmers in the first place, where after-sales services are available through industrial, engineering and technical cadres With experience in engineering and implementing projects on the ground, and then training those in charge of operating the project and providing the investor with full...

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Afko Standard AFKO Standard Pivot Irrigation System The system consists of several interconnected dynamic metal towers that rotate in a 360-degree circular path around a stable central tower. The connection point for the towers is a multi-directional hinge that allows the tower to be rotated up to 30 degrees allowing the system to be perfectly adapted to different rough farmland. The center pivot system enables you to irrigate lands of all sizes, starting from 1 hectare per tower, up to 220 hectares for a spans with a length of fifteen towers, to gain the largest possible economic benefit....

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Saving water resources by 35-50%. Irrigation with greater efficiency and distribution of up to 95% of the land. Optimum performance among modern and traditional irrigation systems. A unified system for irrigation and fertilization of land. Saving workers' costs in addition to ensuring the timeliness of irrigation practical and at the required speed. The ideal solution in meeting the needs of farmers with different projects and requirements. Speed in providing the best after-sales services in terms of maintenance and spare parts. Maximum Field Size Maximum Length Maximum Tower`s number...

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The center pivot irrigation system (AFKO SMALL) is light in weight and flexible in movement. Designed specifically for lands with few water resources, in addition to the systems direct dependence on alternative and renewable energy. AFKO SMALL features Saving energy and water resource consumption up to 4560% Designed for lands with few water resources Support faster harvest cycles for most crops Uniform and accurate irrigation and fertilization system Saving workers' efforts and costs, in addition to providing time and faster productivity The perfect solution for using alternative energies...

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Afko center pivot irrigation Maximum Coverage AFKO Linear Irrigation System AFKO Linear pivot is designed to ensure the task of irrigating the largest possible area of land with rectangular or longitudinal shapes

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Water feeding via a large diameter hose - as needed - that is installed in the main entrance Support the use of two-wheel or four-wheel system according to the land area Water inlets and hoses with multiple diameters starting from 5 to 10 inches, depending on the area of the land and the type of crop Advantages of AFKO Linear pivot System Maximum Field Size Maximum Length Maximum distance traveled Maximum Tower`s number Overhang Water Gun Capability 135 hectares 451 meters 3000 meters 8 towers 20 meters Water feeding using the hos

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The system is fed with water via channel adjacent to the ground or in the middle of it. It is preferable that the channel be made of reinforced concrete or surrounded by plastic molds with very light inclinations. The process of selecting the filter designated for drawing water depends on the type of implemented channel. Water feeding via water canal Advantages of AFKO Linear pivot System Maximum Field Size Maximum Length Maximum distance traveled Maximum Tower`s number Overhang Water Gun Capability 135 hectares 451 meters 3000 meters 8 towers 20 meters

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control Panels have specially developed control capabilities to give the full experience to costumers, and they are completely designed to face all harsh weather conditions including high humidity, in addition to compatible with the requirements of flowing voltage Panels Types Basic Control Panels. Stainless Steel Weather resistant Control Panels. Digital Touch Screen Control Panels. Remote control feature via a computer or mobile phone to increase the speed of control and monitoring, all at the click of a button Control Panels AFKO Control Panels

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Adjust the movement of the irrigation devices' motors (towers) in the right and left directions as needed. Control the timing of the start and stop according to the desired time in conjunction with the amount of water to be irrigated for the lands. Safety system to protect the towers and organize their work in a coordinated manner through the sensors in the tower boxes . Controlling the operation work of the fertilizer pump in addition to the mixer. Turning off and running the center pivot irrigation device according to the water pressure. Controlling the degree of rotation of the center...

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