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and Dual Use Hopper AFT TRENCHERS LIMITED 16/17 Addison Road, Chilton Industrial Estate, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2YW Tel: +44 (0)1787 311811 Fax: +44 (0)1787 310888 E-mail: info@trenchers.co.uk Website:www.trenchers.co.uk

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With constantly increasing demands on sports turf in the leisure and professional sectors, optimum pitch or playing surface condition is paramount. Intensive drainage is considered to be an important measure taken to both enhance turf condition and cope with today's demands. Through increasing demand for a more flexible machine, the AFT 75 WizzWheel is capable of both digging and grading main drains up to 750mm deep and 125mm~/S~0 wide together with gravel banding or sand slitting as narrow as 50mm. The more compact WizzWheel 55 is used by many golf clubs looking to incorporate a large...

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♦ High speed trenching - up to 2000 metres per hour - means reduced labour costs. ♦ Tractor mounted for ease of manoeuvrability and lower unit cost when compared to a self propelled machine. ♦ Direct drive from the PTO-shaft through safety clutch offers maximum torque and reliability with minimal wear and maintenance. ♦ Pocket mounted reversible digging blades fixed in by roll pins for ease of re-placement. ♦ Two different systems of tungsten carbide digging teeth for operation in hard and stoney conditions. ♦ A large removable side panel allows fast access for easy cleaning. ♦ Continuously...

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DUAL USE HOPPER Clean and efficient backfilling is an integral part of intensive sports field drainage. The AFT Dual Use Hopper has been designed to backfill narrow slits and is used in conjunction with the WizzWheels 55 & 75 and the slitting wheel of the AFT 45. Over the past 30 years, A.F.T. TRENCHERS Ltd. has built a solid reputation as the foremost manufacturer of specialised sportsturf drainage equipment, supplying many professional contractors and sporting venues all over the world. KEY FEATURES ♦ Tractor mounted on the three point linkage. ♦ Quick and easy interchangeable gravel...

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