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G6060 Ag-Bagger


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G6060 Ag-Bagger - 2

The Ag-Bag System - A Solid Foundation... Ag-Bag Provides Easily Digested Feed & Higher Nutritional Content. G6060 OPTIONS Split Conveyor (30” x 135”) Optional Interchangeable Top 8’ Tunnel Extension 9’ Tunnel Extension Conveyor poly-liner Auxiliary Hydraulic Tank 60’ Cable Extension Hydraulic Conveyor Lift Hydraulic Lift Jacks Aluminum Backstop 27 Gallon Liquid Sprayer Gandy Dry Applicator G6060 Rotor Design The rotor and tunnel design are the key to a well packed bag. The G6060 6’ line-bored rotor has 48 packing teeth to ensure a tight consistent pack. This leads to faster fermentation...

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G6060 Ag-Bagger - 3

...for Exceptional Silage Baggers Up to 20% Less Dry Matter Loss Compared to Shrinkage & Spoilage in Bunkers & Piles. G6170 OPTIONS Interchangeable Tunnel Top, 9’ or 10’, with extension Hydraulic Conveyor Lift Hydraulic Lift Stands Aluminum Backstop 27 Gallon Liquid Sprayer Dry Inoculant Applicator 60’ Cable Extension Split Conveyor For Even Disbursement Across the Rotor G6170 Rotor Design The G6170’s 7’ line-bored rotor is 30% stronger than the previous design, and is a full width, low profile, 56 tooth rotor that ensures a dense, uniform pack for a smoother bag. The rotor and tunnel design...

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G6060 Ag-Bagger - 4

FEATURE BAG BOOM AND CRADLE Bag Boom with Brake Style Winch The superior performance and quality construction of the G6060 and G6170 Ag-Baggers ensure reliability, convenience, and savings, providing oxygen-free feed storage to all sizes of dairy and beef operations. Cable Length (approximate) Cable Brakes Singe Disc Industrial Brake Dual Disc Industrial Brake Brake Hand Pump Single Stage with Pressure Gauge & Adjustment Control Hydraulic Cable Rewind The Ag-Bag system eliminates traditional feed storage problems, such as vertical silos, bunker silos and grain bins. Bag storage can achieve...

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