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What Is Ag-Bag Inoculant? 4 Ways To Increase Profits with Ag-Bag Inoculant Ag-Bag’s silage inoculant delivers the industry accepted & recommended level of 100,000 cfu’s of LIVE LAB’s (Lactic Acid Bacteria) per gram of forage. These LAB’s produce large quantities of lactic acid – lactic acid is the strongest acid in silage – this rapid conversion of plant sugars to lactic acid leads to a cooler, more efficient fermentation. 1. Increase Milk Production Two primary benefits provided by adding Ag-Bag inoculant are: 1. More dry matter saved (greater than 2 - 4%) 2. Improved protein preservation. In addition a rapid, efficient fermentation leads to improved color and smell, leading to a more palatable, fresher silage at feed out – resulting in less refusals and improved DM intakes. THE BOTTOM LINE: “You have more feed to feed and it is of better quality” The US Dairy Forage Research Center reports dairy cows that consume inoculated alfalfa silage produce an average of 3% MORE MILK. Haylage, proven benefit: • Increased milk yield of 1.5 lbs/cow 2. Greater Weight Gain Per Ton of Silage Silage feeding trials have consistently shown increased weight gains using a variety of forages. Alfalfa Silage (University of Manitoba, Canada), proven benefit: • Improved weight gain of 16.4% Barley Silage (Airdrie, Alberta, Canada), proven benefit: • Improved feed efficiency of 6.5% 3. Increased Dry Matter Retention Research has shown a 3% improvement, on average, in dry matter recovery. In a typical 500 ton capacity silo put up at 60% moisture, 15 additional tons would be available for feed. Alfalfa Silage (Lakeside Research, Alberta, Canada), proven benefit: • 3% improved dry matter recovery. 4. Increased Protein Retention Silage treated with Ag-Bag Inoculant has shown an increase in protein retention of 7% over silage that was not inoculated. Alfalfa Silage (Lakeside Research, Alberta, Canada), proven bene

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Ag-Bag Inoculant Ag-Bag Inoculant = Increased Cattle Performance Category DM Intake (lbs/hd/day) Average Daily Gain (ADG) Lbs. Feed per Lb of Gain Use Ag-Bag Forage Inoculant to Increase PROFITS What Are the Ag-Bag Inoculant Benefits? • Fast growth rate across a range of temperatures • Efficient fermentation to produce large quantities of lactic acid • Ability to use a wide range of naturally available sugars • Rapid drop in pH • Does not degrade protein When to use Ag-Bag Inoculant: Ag-Bag inoculant works well with all silages; corn, alfalfa, grass, grains & HMC. Ag-Bag inoculant works well...

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