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Fendt 1100 MT - 2

There is only so much soil. You can conserve it using Fendt. The soil forms the basis of healthy crops and high yields. Managing it efficiently and with care ensures long-term economic success. In addition to efficiency and comfort, soil protection is our top priority when developing tractors. If you want the advantage of grip and soil, go for Fendt.

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Fendt 1100 MT - 3

Achieving big things. Think Fendt 1100 MT. Engine 1149 MT 1154 MT 1159 MT 1165 MT Rated power ECE R 120 kW/hp 336/457 365/496 403/548 440/598 Decades of experience, constant development and a continual desire to help farmers and contractors around the world to achieve maximum efficiency and performance, came together to create the Fendt 1100 MT. With its 12-cylinder AGCO Power Motor and innovative drive technology, it sets new standards in the field of power transmission and all that with full road capability.

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Fendt 1100 MT - 4

The large drive wheel transfers the force to the tensioned treadbar through fractional engagement. The guide wheel is pushed against the track by the rolling track tensioner and the tension The oscillating pivot of the rollers ensures perfect ground is therefore maintained. following and never tears up the ground. Unique chassis for permanent best grip The chassis is a characteristic of Fendt 1100 MT. It represents the latest expansion stage of our decades-long experience with Mobil Trac systems. Today it fulfils the fundamental ideas of achieving as much contact area as possible for the...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 5

FENDT 1100 MT MOTOR & GEARBOX Power and efficiency in all situations. The two-stage turbocharging reduces the turbo lag and enhances the precompaction efficiency. The large intercooler serves as the second cooling stage, which significantly cools the The iCAC intermediate radiator precools the inlet air and thus optimises the charged air, and therefore increases the torque. combustion. A one-of-a-kind motor The Fendt 1100 MT is powered by a 12-cylinder AGCO Power diesel engine. These engines have been specially developed to meet the requirements of agriculture and are unique to tractors....

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Fendt 1100 MT - 6

FENDT 1100 MT HYDRAULIC SYSTEM & PTO Well-equipped for all implements. Powerful lifting unit (load sensing), which respond quickly and allow precise of 14,000 daN on the lower links hooks on the entire control of the hydraulic equipment. The dedicated stroke. The electronic control and operating elements variable flow pump conveys up to 224 l/min to the spool ensure precise operation of the lifting unit. (closed centre) with pressure and quantity control available in category III or IV and has a lifting power All Fendt 1100 MTs have a closed hydraulic system all Fendt 1100 MT tractors. This...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 7

FENDT 1100 MT CAB Internal values, which wi convince you. You can make tractor and attachment settings The optional C3000 touchscreen gives you using the dial and buttons on the TMC display. an even better view of the guidance system. Everything under control The Tractor Management Centre (TMC) comprises the right armrest, control elements and display and serves as the control centre of the tracked tractor. Thanks to TMC, the operator can make all the tractor settings comfortably and control nearly all the functions centrally. The TMC armrest is attached to the right of the seat and follows...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 8

Standard and optional equipment Standard: g Optional: c J A fully-loaded compressed-air system is available for attached implements. J Halogen work lights illuminate your surroundings perfectly. An LED headlight is available on request. J The work surroundings are perfectly lit up in the front as well as on the side. Optional LED headlights are also available. J The 12-cylinder AGCO Power engine is extremely smooth-running and easy to access for maintenance work. F Marginal 1996 kg weight can be mounted on the front frame. F Six hydraulic valves, a leak-oil line connection and PowerBeyond...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 9

FENDT SERVICES The best product with the best care and service. With Fendt, you get a cutting edge product that will 100% quality. 100% service: Fendt Services overcome the toughest of challenges. That's why you We offer outstanding services to offer you the best can expect that little bit extra when it comes to services possible reliability of use and efficiency from your from highly-efficient, certified Fendt dealers: Fendt Machine: - Fast lines of communication between you and - Fendt Demo service our trained service team. - Fendt Expert operator training - 24/7 availability of...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 10

Using the smartphone app "AGCO Parts Books to go”, you can find Fendt spare parts quickly and easily and order them directly. The app is available for download in the app store and in the Google Play Store. Your personal access data is available from your Fendt dealer. Full control over costs and planning reliability Fendt Demo service Is this a new purchase? You'll love our Fendt solutions and overall efficiency. Let the Fendt Demo service make the decision easier. Fendt Expert operator training We help you get the most out of your vehicle. With the help of our exclusive Fendt Expert...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 11

FAQS. EVERYTHING ABOUT FENDT. Quick and simple servicing. Contact Fendt. What makes Fendt Services different? For us, service means knowing and understanding your work in order to meet your demands for reliability and safety and to act in your economic interest. We stand behind our products and have developed them for the highest demands and longterm operation. Our service is the partnership aspect for your work. fendt.com Find everything online – from brochures to technical specifications, from reports about customers or our company to our Fendt event calendar. fendt.tv 24/7 Fendt – You...

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Fendt 1100 MT - 12

Standard and optional equipment Standard: ■ Optional: □ Power lift Vario operation (Tractive power and stepless mixed control ■ Ready for automatic steering system ■ Externally controlled rear power lift ■ Rated power ECE R 120 kW/hp 336/457 365/496 403/548 440/598 Maximum power ECE R 120 kW/hp 362/492 394/536 435/592 475/646 Engine rpm at rated speed of rear PTO (1000 PTO) rpm 1980 1980 1980 1980 Electrical features Max. transferable current ISOBUS socket A 30 30 30 30 Preheater unit (engine, transmission oil) □ Height and tilt-adjustable steering column ■ Heating with stepless fans ■...

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