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PROTECT YOUR GENETIC INVESTMENT With the CONVERT Calf Care Program Select Sires’ mission is to enhance the profitability of dairy and beef producers. True to this mission, Select Sires partnered with Agrarian Marketing Corporation® to offer a unique product line to assist our customers in gaining the most from their genetic investment. The first weeks of her life are critical to future productivity. The CONVERT™ Calf Care Program, a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms and specialized proteins, can help prevent environmentaland future production-related challenges keeping calves healthy and growing, allowing them to maximize their genetic potential. CONVERT offers the flexibility to react quickly to the needs of your calves. Depending on whether you are using it as a preventative or to assist in the fight against severe problems, you can adjust the dose to your individual situation. The direct-fed microbial products are convenient, effective and flexible. Producers using the CONVERT calf care program report: • Reduced Scours • Increased Appetites • Increased Growth Rates • Reduced Mortality CONVERT calf care products are available exclusively from Select Sires. Contact your representative today to set up a program to protect your genetic investment. ™CONVERT is a trademark of and is manufactured for Agrarian Marketing Corporation®. True Bovine Colostrum is a trademark of La Belle Associates, Inc., Bellingham, Wash. ®ImmPower is a registered trademark of and is manufactured for Agrarian Marketing Corporation. Agrarian Marketing Corporation is a registered trademark of Agrarian Marketing Corporation, Middlebury, Ind. The product is merely distributed by Select Sires Inc. All claims, representations, and warranties, expressed or implied, are made only by the manufacturer and not by Sel

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The CONVERT Calf Care Program utilizes the convenient, effective, flexible CONVERT direct-fed microbial products that can be used regardless of the challenges your calves face from birth to day 21. CONVERT Calf Care Products Replaces Maternal Colostrum Professional-grade colostrum replacer formulated using true bovine colostrum. Packaged in 12 single, 500 gram dose (100 gm Ig) packs per case, or bulk pail containing 24, 500 gram (100 gm Ig) doses. Makes Maternal Colostrum Better Colostrum supplement should be used to supplement low quality or quantity maternal colostrum that is free of...

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