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Accessories for ABR200 EVK200 Evaluation Kit For the evaluation of the ABR200 board and software development at a PC without integrating it into a handheld an EVK200 Evaluation kit is already available. The Kit consists of an ABR200 board, a basic board with USB and power supply, a 100 mm ferrite antenna, a 75 mm ferrite antenna and also a PC-Demo-Software and SDK. AAB300 Piggy Back Adaptor Board Respectable for USB Micro-B plug, Port for UART and +5VDC, Port for 275 µH antenna coil. Technical Data AAB300 Weight: Dimensions L x W x H: approx. 22 g (including ABR200 and connectors) approx. 65 x 35 x 15 mm (including ABR200 and connectors) ANT003 / ANT004 Ferrite Rod Antenna Ferrite rod and antenna coil on bobbin, Antenna coil tunable to 275 µH inductance. Technical Data ANT003 / Ø 8 x 100 mm Dimensions L x d: Weight: approx. 100 x 13 mm (including coil on bobbin) approx. 24 g Technical Data ANT004 / Ø 8 x 75 mm Dimensions L x d: Weight: approx. 75 x 13 mm (including coil on bobbin) approx. 18

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