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CONTROL YOUR HARVEST At AGRIDRY, we design and manufacture bulk commodity dryers and aeration systems for the agricultural and commercial food processing industries. Based in Toowoomba, Australia, AGRIDRY has been building dryers since 1976 and is well known around the world for producing high quality products that consistently perform. The core product lines designed and manufactured by AGRIDRY include bulk commodity dryers, silo aeration systems and food processing dryers. AGRIDRY is the proven market leader in Australia for mobile and stationary continuous flow, recirculating and batch...

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The Predator series grain dryer is a fully mobile batch dryer that is able to be moved from field to field or property to property, whenever and wherever you need it. With medium temperatures and high airflow, a gentle drying process is ensured across all grains. Coupled with no continuous auguring and minimum grain movement, product quality will not be compromised. Since its humble beginnings in the late 70’s this dryer concept has rapidly evolved over the years. This machine has stood the test of time and is a critical asset to any grower and their yield. Holding Capacity: 25m3 Unload...

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Agridry Product Range - 5

Tundra Dryer The Tundra is a transportable continuous, batch or recirculating, multi-commodity dryer. This compact unit can be loaded into a 40-foot container for easy shipping. A quick and easy set up process allows for on-site installation in as little as one day. With a capacity of up to 10t/h this unit is suitable for a wide range of applications and commodities. Boasting impressive drying performance with proven reliability, the Tundra can be powered by diesel, gas, or Bio Fuel. IDEAL FOR: - SMALL-MEDIUM ON-FARM STORAGE - COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITIES - GRAIN MERCHANT RECEIVAL DEPOTS -...

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Agridry Product Range - 6

Kinetic Mobile Dryer The Kinetic series sets new standards for mobile grain dryers. It is the ultimate dryer for growers or contractors who require a high capacity mobile grain dryer. As a cascading mixed flow dryer, the Kinetic adds the convenience of mobility to your harvesting operations. With a diesel burner system, its own 3-phase power, air compressor, fuel supply, a high capacity swing-out auger, air bag suspension for ease of transport and a second under silo short auger, the Kinetic truly is the complete mobile grain drying solution. The dryer has also been designed to allow it to...

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Agridry Product Range - 7

Goliath Dryer The Goliath series of dryers are a cascading mixed continuous flow dryer. Ranging from 15 to 36 tonnes per hour the goliath series has a model suitable for your operations. The Goliath series brings efficiencies and cost effectiveness to your storage and handling systems. As these machines do not incorporate any perforated screens they are suitable for all types of product. A shallow bed depth coupled with the mixing action ensures a rapid and even drying process. IDEAL FOR: - MEDIUM-LARGE ON-FARM STORAGE - COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITIES - GRAIN MERCHANT RECEIVAL DEPOTS -...

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IDEAL FOR: - NUT STORAGE & PROCESSING - MEDIUM-LARGE ON-FARM STORAGE - COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITIES - GRAIN MERCHANT RECEIVAL DEPOTS - CONTRACT DRYING & PROCESSING AGRIDRY manufacture drying solutions that are designed to integrate with your existing bulk commodity storage infrastructure. The In-Silo range feature a burner and fan that is ducted directly into your bulk storage complex, effectively turning your silo into a batch dryer. Model: PD20/30 Burner: Gas or Diesel Fan:23,000 L/S @ 600PA Mounting Configuration: Flanged Ducting Power Supply: 3 Phase Other Key Features: - Automatic...

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The AGRIDRY range of silo aeration units are designed to ensure that silo stored grain remains low in temperature, low in moisture and low in insect and mould activity. With units designed to suit cone base silos from 30t up to 300t, there is sure to be an AGRIDRY Aeration Unit that will enhance the quality of your silo stored grain. We are also able to offer flat-bottom silo aeration systems on request. When coupled with an AC21, EasyAer or V-One aeration controller, the F-Series of aeration is the smart choice for managing in-silo storage that maximises your energy efficiency, product...

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Agridry Product Range - 10

AC21 The AC21 is the perfect companion to your AGRIDRY F-Series Silo Aerators. This complete aeration control system is pre-wired in a powder coated, weatherproof steel enclosure, ready for your local electrician to connect. Because of poor power supply in many regional areas we frequently wire the system to stagger start the aeration fans to avoid overloading the system on startup. The AGRIDRY AC21 Logging Aeration Controller is designed for use in grain storage applications where grain is required to be kept for a period of time. It chooses the best available conditions to cool grain by...

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Agridry Product Range - 11

The AGRIDRY Pre-cleaner is a fast and cost effective method for producers to increase the value of their commodity prior to sale. The 2.2kw extraction fan removes chaff and other undesirable debris from the grain bulk as it passes over a series of layers within the Aspirator. The Pre-cleaner is ideal for safely cleaning your commodity prior to drying, dramatically reducing the risk of fires in your dryer. Bulk Commodities Improved ^Vith AGRIDRY Dryers Wheat Barley Sorghum Canola Oats Buckwheat Chia Sunflower Maize Almonds Macadamia Nuts Pistachio Nuts Pecan Nuts Wood Chip Sand...

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