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LAWN AND GARDEN TECHNOLOGY A beautiful garden is the best place for enjoyment and relaxation - especially if the lawn is perfectly mown, and the beds and plants are well cared for. Often all that is required are a few skillful interventions, and of course, the right tools:

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THE AL-KO BRAND Safety, happiness and convenience are key factors in life - and they are our reason for being. They are fully reflected in our identity, which is found in our AL-KO brand as well as in all our products. We live for quality. Ultimately we have set ourselves an emotive mission: To improve the quality of life for our customers. What do we mean by "Quality for life"? The Executive Board of AL-KO KOBER SE (from left): Dr Nico Reiner (CFO, AL-KO KOBER SE), Stefan Kober (CEO, AL-KO KOBER SE), Peter Kaltenstadler (COO, AL-KO KOBER SE)

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FOR GREATER ENJOYMENT IN THE GARDEN For more than 50 years, we have been developing and designing innovative garden tools for an extremely wide range of requirements and applications. Not only do our tools reflect our many years of expertise in their technology and function, they also set new standards in terms of design. But what would our innovations be without you, our customers? After all, it is only you who make our garden tools a success. And that is why we do all we can to inspire you - so that every day you can stand in your own personal paradise with a feeling of satisfaction, and...

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Most AL-KO petrol lawnmowers are built on a greenfield site at the Obdach plant in Austria. QUALITY FOR LIFE AL‑KO stands for petrol lawnmowers made in Austria. Here, in tranquil Obdach in Styria, we produce the majority of our garden tools, designed in the Swabian region of Bavaria. With the flexibility and security of an ownermanaged company, our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers all the time. AL-KO INSIDE ENGINEERED IN GERMANY – MADE IN AUSTRIA

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WHEN THE BEST IS EXPECTED With German efficiency, our research and development engineers create pioneering garden tools from hundreds of individual parts: materials of the highest quality, ingenious technology, perfect ergonomics and a sure feel for form and detail make our garden tools unmistakable. The rigorous quality requirement that characterises the AL‑KO brand is guaranteed through our comprehensive technology programme that is consistently planned and implemented by AL‑KO development engineers, designers and technicians ‑ from the first design, to prototype construction and the end...

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WHICH MOWER FOR YOUR GARDEN? WITH AL-KO, YOU CAN FIND THE CORRECT MOWER FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS HOW LONG WOULD YOU LIKE TO MOW FOR? We recommend choosing the size of your mower according to the size of your lawn. The decisive factor for the mowing time is the cutting width. General rule: the larger the cutting width, the faster you get the job of mowing done. In addition, you do not need to empty the grass catcher so often, because it is usually larger on wider machines. On the other hand, you could sit back and take it easy with an automatic lawnmower. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MULCH OR...

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The actual operating times may differ due to the weather, the material to be cut and the characteristics of the garden. Number of times the box must be emptied 1 LARGE GARDEN Does your garden have a large lawn, beds, trees and shrubs? Do you have slopes and occasionally long grass? In that case, a mower with wheel drive and VarioSpeed, a lawn tractor, or an automatic lawnmower is just the job for you. Simply unbeatable: With an AL-KO automatic lawnmower, you can just sit back an

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EnergyFlex battery series ONE FOR ALL, ALL FROM AL-KO THE ENERGYFLEX BATTERY SERIES FOR CABLE-FREE AND EFFORTLESS GARDEN ENJOYMENT ONE BATTERY FOR ALL Mow, cut hedges and trees, or blow the autumn leaves together using the same battery – no problem with the EnergyFlex series. Lawnmowers come with a battery and charger. This means that you only need to purchase hand tools (without a battery).

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LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY The EnergyFlex battery provides impressive power with its 36 V and 4 Ah. It is extremely long‑lasting, non self‑discharging and there is also no memory effect, thanks to its lithium‑ion cells. QUIET OPERATION. NO EMISSIONS Innovative, environmentally-friendly and clean – these are the qualities of the new EnergyFlex battery range, with which all the usual garden tasks can be accomplished effortlessly and without cables. The secret: the powerful lithium-ion battery fits in all EnergyFlex devices so that you can change it and carry on working in seconds whenever you...

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EnergyFlex battery series A POWERFUL GARDEN TOOL THE VARIED BATTERY RANGE !■ ENERGY FLEX With three lawnmowers and many different hand tools, the EnergyFlex battery range has everything you need for your garden. Suitable for use with all EnergyFlex tools, the battery and charger are supplied with the mowers; The battery and charger are also available for purchase separately. LEAF BLOWER INCLUDING TWO TUBE ATTACHMENTS The actual operating times may differ due to the weather, the material to be cut and the characteristics of the garden. Hedge trimmer Battery I 36 V / 5 Ah, Li-ion, 180 Wh Art....

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MOWEO THE RIGHT BATTERY MOWER FOR YOUR GARDEN MULTI TOOL WITH TRIMMER, BRUSHCUTTER, POLE PRUNER AND HEDGE TRIMMER Additional technical information can be found on page 62-63 or online at For detailed information, see pages 46/47

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Hand mowers DO-IT-YOURSELF GOLF GREENS ZERO EMISSIONS WITH AL-KO CYLINDER MOWERS SIMPLE STORAGE The single-axle design of the AL-KO cylinder mowers ensures extreme manoeuvrability and easily compensates for undulating ground. Thanks to the integrated quicklock, the top handle can easily be folded down to save space (only with SoftTouch 380 HM Premium). SPECIAL CYLINDER The high-quality 5-blade mowing cylinder made of hardened steel ensures a perfect cut and uniform filling of the grass catcher. EXACT CUTTING Mowing a lawn with a cylinder mower means the grass blades are cut off as clean as...

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