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FISH FEED AND GROWTH WITH POWER2 WE INTRODUCE A NEW GENERATION OF FEED. THE COMPOSITION OF THE FEEDS IS ADJUSTED TO NEUTRALISE THE NATURAL VARIATION OF THE RAW MATERIALS. NO SPECIFIC RAW MATERIAL WILL MAKE A FISH GROW. FISH GROW BASED ON THE CONTENTS OF THE RAW MATERIALS - SPECIFICALLY PROTEIN AND ENERGY, AS WELL AS MICRONUTRIENTS. Traditionally, feeds have been composed and sold in order to obtain a set declaration - a gross composition. However, the fish do not utilize all the contents. Part of the nutrients are indigestible, and thus not absorbed in the fish digestive system. These end...

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TESTING FEEDS FOR NUTRIENT DIGESTIBILITY FORMULATING FEEDS ACCORDING TO FIXED LEVELS OF DIGESTIBLE NUTRIENTS OUTBALANCES THE NATURAL AND UNAVOIDABLE VARIATIONS IN RAW MATERIALS AND IS A SIGNIFICANT PARAMETER IN ASSURING STABLE FEED PERFORMANCE ON A FISH FARM. 1. Test feeds are produced under pilot scale conditions. All feeds are identical, except from one being the reference feed and the remaining feeds each containing one specific raw material. All feeds contain an inert marker. Determining the digestibility of nutrients in fish feed can be done in three ways: 3. At the end of the test,...

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POWER2 FIXED DECLARATION ON DATA SHEETS AND LABELS IS HISTORY - FIXED PERFORMANCE IS THE FUTURE Traditionally the quality and potential in a feed has been evaluated from the declaration. For many farmers declarations and price lists have been the only tools for choosing feed. The performance of a feed can however not be determined from a declaration and consequently these tools have never been anything but indicative. These indications will not get any clearer in the future. Historically feed has been formulated to a specific declaration and the natural variance in the used raw materials...

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