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Cirrus - 2

Cirrus trailed sowing combination Sow successfully – harvest successfully

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Cirrus - 3

The trailed Cirrus sowing combination, in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m and 6 m, represents optimum working performance yet maximum efficiency. The Cirrus range offers an immense variety of features and can be utilised when sowing after the plough, for mulch sowing or for sowing directly into stubbles making it appeal to both agricultural contractors and farms alike. Cirrus Faster, economical, better! Page The benefits at a glance The technology | Slide seal The technology | Matrix principle The technology | RoTeC pro coulter The technology | Following harrows T-Pack packer and optional...

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Cirrus - 4

Top benefits for Cirrus The large, centralised 3,000 l to 4,000 l seed tank is neatly integrated into the sowing combination leaving an uncluttered view of the work area. The combination of a high seed tank capacity and the pneumatic seed distribution makes high work rates possible. The quick and easy to open roll-over hopper cover means short fill times and safely protects the contents of the tank from dust and moisture. The standard electric metering drive for differing seeds and seed rates offers even more comfort thanks to its precise metering and simple adjustment. Thanks to the...

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Cirrus - 5

The benefits of ISOBUS The Cirrus is certified according to the UT 2.0 AEF compliance test. In this way these AMAZONE seed drills can be operated via any terminal on the market that has been UT 2.0 certified. Needless to say, the Cirrus can also be controlled via an ISOBUS compatible Section Control licence from another ISOBUS terminal. support the AEF functionality AUX-N. This means, that, for example, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be individually assigned to a specific function. So, every function on the joystick is located exactly there, where the...

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Cirrus - 6

The agile trailed seed drill combination: Cirrus 3003 and 3503 Compact “The AMAZONE Cirrus 3003 Compact universal seed drill leaves a good impression. The handling of this compact machine was convincing. Many details, such as, for example the TwinTerminal, the large tool box, access to the distributor head or the working depth indicator for the front cultivations discs ease the work load. However, even the fundaments, such as the quality of work, the paintwork and the 40 km/h permissible road speed need to be emphasised.” (profi – practical test Cirrus 3003 Compact · 04/2

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Cirrus - 7

“As standard, the Cirrus is equipped with a very efficient air braking system – exemplary! However better still: equipped with this the machine is allowed, even with a full hopper tank, to travel at 40 km/h on the road.” (profi – practical test Cirrus 3003 Compact · 04/2015) Compact, easily manoeuvrable, quick! For smaller fields the Cirrus Compact models offer an atttractive option. With a 550 mm shorter axle position than on the wider Cirrrus drills and in conjunction with its lower link mounting, tremendous manoeuvrability is achieved. So, even on tight headlands excellent work rates are...

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Cirrus - 8

Flexible and universal: Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2 The rigid Cirrus 4003-C with combined seed and fertiliser tank The folding Cirrus 4003-2C with combined seed and fertiliser tank

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Cirrus - 9

Cirrus principle Cirrus-C principle Single outlet tank for seed Twin outlet pressurised tank for seed and fertiliser Compact, quick, universal Seed and fertiliser tank The trailed Cirrus sowing combination, with a working width of 4 m, is available in both a rigid or a folding version. The folding version folds for road transport down to a transport width of 3 m. In addition to the Cirrus 4003 single outlet, open tank version, the Cirrus 4003-C is available with divided, twin outlet pressurised tank. The enclosed twin tank allows the reliable metering at a low power requirement. These 4 m...

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Cirrus - 10

For the highest work rates: Cirrus 6003-2 Cirrus 6003-2C with combined seed and fertiliser hopper “The shape of the seed tube in the coulter was changed to place the seed even more precisely in the bottom of the furrow. This also functions very well – when the seeds were uncovered we did not find anything left on top. Almost all the seeds were left on the water-bearing seed furrow bottom.” (Traction magazine – working test AMAZONE Cirrus 6003-2 · 03

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Cirrus - 11

“Especially for agricultural contractors the 40 km/h permit for road transport with a full hopper is very interesting.” (Traction magazine – working test AMAZONE Cirrus 6003-2 · 03/2015) Fast, universal, efficient For higher field outputs and on larger farms, AMAZONE offers the folding Cirrus 6003-2 in 6 m working width and with a hopper capacity of 3,600 l. Apart from the single outlet tank version of the Cirrus 6003-2, the Cirrus 6003-2C is available with a twin outlet 4,000 l pressurised tank for the simultaneous application of fertilliser and seed. Comfortable filling Quick emptying...

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Cirrus - 12

The Cirrus concept Agronomical and ecological demands fulfilled to perfection: Hopper position: The optimised positioning of the seed hopper ensures better tractor traction and more room left for tight turns on the headland. Also the fill level of the hopper does not have any effect on the placement depth of the seed. Operational comfort: Platforms above the culivation discs provide comfortable access to the metering unit and the distributor head. Loosening: Two tractor track eradicators per side provide an effective loosening of the soil behind the tractor. Metering: Quickly exchangeable...

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Cirrus - 13

Levelling: Mounted ahead of the disc segment, a hydraulically-adjustable Crushboard for levelling the soil can be attached (optional). Seedbed preparation: Twin-row disc section with maintenance-free and uniquely angled discs ensures a superb quality and level seedbed. The working depth can be hydraulically adjusted during operation. Reconsolidation: The specially developed Matrix tyres reconsolidate the seedbed in strips. The sowing coulters smoothly follow exactly in these defined strips even at high forward speeds. Levelling: Ridge clearers between the tyres ensure a level, even,...

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