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FARMA® Cranes and Accessories

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Small Crane RangeC 3.8 G2 / C 4.2 G2 / C 4.6 S G2 / C 4.6 D G2 / C 5.1 The small and compact yet strong crane range The small crane range produced is designed with input from the end user. The small, powerful yet compact cranes are the percect choice for small scale forestry or for mounting on chippers, trailers, small tractors and trucks. The 3.8 m generation 2 crane is a modern crane with linkage system perfect for working in small urban enviroments and low impact forestry. C 4.2 is a small but powerful crane equipped with a linkage system, perfect for working in small urban enviroments...

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Medium Crane RangeC 53 G2 / C 63 G2 / C 6.7 63 / C 7.0 G2 / C 8.5 G2 FARMA's versatile and popular medium to large crane range 5.3 m and 6.3 m cranes belong to our successful Generation 2 range and are equipped with a linkage system for optimal movement and lifting. The C 6.3 G2 is equipped with a 1.1 m extension for when you need to reach that little bit further. This model has been a firm customer favourite. The brand new FARMA C 6.7 G3 is a longer and stronger crane in our medium-sized forestry crane range that meets all the requirements of timber handling. An entirely new telescopic...

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BIGAB Z-crane is a perfect crane for the contractors The crane is designed to be parked in front of the trailer in the transport position, so that it does not cause disruption during work. Thanks to an innovative approach in the design of the crane, focus has been on increasing visibility from the cab during tipping and exchange. Z-cranes are available with a reach of 6.6 and 8 metres. The weights include grapple, rotator and link. For additional information about crane sizes, movement patterns and specifications please refer to the matrix and technical data in this brochure and to...

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Cranes' Main Dimensions All dimensions in the figures are in mm. Figures for the measurements are only of illustrative purpose. Numbers can be rounded off to the nearest whole number. For additional information about crane sizes, movement patterns and specifications please refer to the matrix and technical data in this brochure and to, where detailed information is available. We reserve the right to revise specifications without prior notice.

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STANDBY FOR HYDRAULIC TELESCOPIC MECHANISM ROPE STANDBY FOR ROTATING THE GRAPPLE FROM THE CAB HOLES FOR FIXING THE GRAPPLE MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPIC MECHANISM, 3 POSITIONS FARMA GS 1000 TM FARMA grapple skidder is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized tractors to get timber out from the forest. There are several models available depending on the requirement. Using the grapple skidder it is easy to grab logs and pull them into place, even in the poorly accessible areas. The specially developed grapple has a max opening of 1 metre, weights 87 kg and is made of high strength steel....

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Log lifter LOG LIFTER LL 1000 FARMA has developed a complete timber grip for a variety of tractors with front loaders, wheelloaders, telescopic loaders and other small machines with standard brackets. LL 1000 allows you to move logs simply and easily, on the farm, in the forest, in the terminal. Log lifter has a max opening of 100 cm and can hold up to 50 cm logs. In normal use it can lift 600 kg. To add extra value to your log lifter, we offer RW 600 winch as an extra option.Using the winch you can pull the material from 30 metres. The winch is controlled remotely, which is included with...

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3-POINT FRAME If you wish to mount the crane on the tractor's three point linkage (hydraulic arms or flapdowns) a so-called three point attachment is required to secure the crane. The attachment is available for different models depending on the size of the crane.

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Technical data *This model is supplied with a replaceable rotator mount. Specify the desired mount when ordering. The underlined figure is the standard option. GRAPPLEG2 FARMA's cost effective grapple series, Generation 2, has become very popular. The claw geometry makes it easier to fill the grapple, and it "digs" into the timber better. The grapple range is available in sizes 0.12, 0.16, 0.20 and 0.24. GRAPPLE BUCKETG2 The Generation 2 series includes our grapple bucket, which is produced in two sizes; 160 litres and 200 litres, depending on the area of application and working method. The...

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CRANE BALE GRAPPLE FARMA crane bale grapple is made for lifting and loading wrapped or unwrapped round bales. It is designed to handle 1 to 1.5 m sized round bales. Hydraulically connected clamps firmly hold the bale in place to prevent damaging the plastic bale cover. The grapple also allows narrower stacking. The bale grapple has a large opening width of 3 175 mm. It is a light-weight grapple – only 130 kg. It is compatible with FARMA C 5.3 to C 8.5 models. GRAPPLE DAMPER The FARMA grapple damper facilitates grapple work. It stabilizes the grapple’s swing. The grapple damper is mounted...

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HYDRAULIC SERVO The FARMA range also offers a hydraulic servo system (a socalled low-pressure servo) that is controlled by joysticks as in the electrical proportional controller. In both cases, the valves are mounted on the crane, and the difference between the systems is that the electrically-controlled proportional system is managed via electrical cables, while control of the hydraulic servo system is managed through a low ressure system via p hoses. The hydraulic servo system requires more installation work in the cab. At first sight, the valve assemblies look the same, but they differ...

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Fors MW was established in Estonia in 1992 and is sectors. The nature of their work varies and is Today, Fors MW is a global company. Our techni- today one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of performed in different conditions. But they all cal expertise, extensive purchasing network and forestry, agricultural and contractor machinery. have one thing in common; the need for reliable the market’s most extensive range, together with We sell our market leading products to countries products to keep operations running. By listening a continuous ongoing dialogue with our users, all over the...

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