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With a high content of recycled raw material for sustainable wrapping.

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CYCLED WRAP® contributes to CIRCULAR ECONOMY We use recycled plastic material in an industry where waste turns into resources to be reused for new products with full guarantee. ASPLA, A COMPANY COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY TRANSPORT TO THE RECYCLING PLANT VALORIZATION THROUGH RECYCLING TAKING CARE OF NATURE REDUCING THE CARBON FOOTPRINT We offer a new eco-friendly solution so that you can contribute to improving environmental protection within the new Circular Economy model while you protect your crop and optimise production of quality fodder. The carbon footprint represents the impact that...

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THE FIRST AGRICULTURAL STRETCH FILM CO-EXTRUDED IN 7 LAYERS WITH AN ELEVATED CONTENT OF HIGH-PURITY RECYCLED MATERIAL CYCLED WRAP ® is an eco-friendly product. It is manufactured from special highly pure and resistant recycled raw materials and is the first certified 7 layer silage wrap made with a high content of recycled polymers. LAYERS Highly purified recycled polymers allow for GREAT UNIFORMITY of materials without any weak points on the film’s surface. The film’s 7-layer coextrusion technology also allows for very narrow tolerances and excellent safety in wrapping, both round and...

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ISCC PLUS CARBON CERTIFICATION and INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY CERTIFICATION ISCC Plus certifies that the renewable polymers used in the manufacture of CYCLED WRAP® meet international standards and that the circular content covers the entire value chain, from origin to the end product. The products manufactured with certified circular polymers respond to the need for more sustainable solutions and contribute towards closing the virtuous circle of reuse of used plastics within the common commitment to promoting Circular Economy. Always wrap your bales with a minimum of 6 layers of film, in...

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