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Attachments catalog - 2

Foreword This catalogue contains most of the Avant attachments available from Avant Tecno Oy at the date of printing. Avant has a policy of continuing product development and retains the right to change specifications without notice. All attachments listed in this catalogue may not be available in all markets and countries, please consult your local Avant dealer. Operation of certain attachments may require specific equipment on the loader. Please consult your local Avant dealer. Compatibility tables between attachments and loader models are advisory. All attachments do not fit on all...

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Attachments catalog - 4

Buckets, material handling General bucket Avant general buckets are designed so that the operator can see the front edge of the bucket from the driver’s seat, allowing for quick and easy loading and emptying. Length of the bucket has been optimized in order to give the best possible breakout force. There is a grill at the upper end of the bucket which prevents stones from falling towards the operator. • General purpose bucket, suitable for almost every shovelling job • Excellent visibility to the edge of the bucket • High breakout force Buckets with straight edge Width Struck Capacity...

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Attachments catalog - 5

Buckets, material handling Light material bucket • Fast and easy moving of light materials • Excellent visibility to the edge of the bucket • High back of the bucket prevents material from falling over the rear edge and carries high volume Light material buckets are intended for handling of snow, saw dust, manure, wood chips and other light materials. The bottom of a light material bucket is considerably longer and the sides are higher than a general bucket. Very compatible Heaped Capacity Struck Capacity

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Attachments catalog - 6

Buckets, material handling XL light material bucket XL light material bucket is a large capacity bucket, best suited to Avant 600 and 700 series. It is intended for loading and transporting of light materials like wood chips, mulch, snow etc. There are no reinforcement plates inside the bucket which would interfere when loading and emptying, and the sides open forward in a slight angle, which guarantees easy and complete emptying of all kinds of materials and in difficult conditions also. • Large volume • No reinforcement plates inside the bucket • Robust design • Intended for bigger Avant...

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Attachments catalog - 7

Buckets, material handling 4 in 1 bucket Multi-purpose bucket that can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveler or a grab. The front part of the bucket opens with 2 hydraulic cylinders, located on the back side of the bucket, which enables dozing, levelling and picking of stones, tree stumps etc. Another benefit of the opening bottom is that the bucket can be emptied at a higher level by opening the bottom instead of tipping the bucket edge down. Available with straight edge or with teeth. • All around tool for landscaping and ground care • A versatile bucket suitable...

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Attachments catalog - 8

Buckets, material handling High tip bucket High tip bucket is the right choice when you need to reach higher and longer. The bucket is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that pushes and tips the bucket over its front edge, which gives considerably more tipping height than with a normal bucket. Maximum tipping height with telescopic boom on 400, 500 and 600 series 124” and on 700 series as high as 138”. • High tipping height • More volume than on general bucket – excellent for loose and light material loading Struck Capacity Heaped Capacity Very compatible

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Attachments catalog - 9

Buckets, material handling XL high tip bucket • Large volume bucket for efficient loading of light materials • Tipping height as high as 138” The XL high tip bucket has more loading volume - very useful when loading light materials. The bucket is an ideal tool for snow removal, loading of wood chips and for loading works on recycling plants etc. Tipping of the bucket happens with two hydraulic cylinders – this means emptying is also easy with full load in the bucket. Very compatible Heaped Capacity

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Attachments catalog - 10

Grapple bucket Buckets, material handling The Grapple bucket combines a normal bucket and a grapple and is therefore suitable for a multitude of jobs. It can be used for transporting and loading of branches, wood chips, compost, straw, manure, construction waste etc. It can also be used as a normal bucket with the grapple in the upright position. • Versatile bucket for handling of loose materials Very compatible Demolition grapple bucket The demolition grapple bucket with two hydraulic grapples is a strong and versatile attachment for handling of construction and demolition waste. •...

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Attachments catalog - 11

Buckets, material handling Levelling bucket Avant levelling buckets are built with heavy duty construction in mind. The sharp back edge of the bucket makes levelling easy when driving backward. Other features include a longer bottom, which enables the driver to see the tip of the bucket perfectly and this also makes leveling easier. • Excellent visibility to tip of bucket • Sharp back edge enables exact levelling when driving backward • Heavy duty design Very compatible Heaped Capacity

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Attachments catalog - 12

Buckets, material handling Pallet fork Avant pallet fork is the right attachment for lifting and handling of different types of materials on pallets. Fork width can easily be adjusted thanks to the quick lock mechanism. The forks are made of high tensile forged steel. Avant is an excellent machine for load handling thanks to the precise steering and drive control. Compared with a conventional forklift truck, Avant is superior when working outdoors and on terrains, be it winter or summer. • Excellent field of vision both to the attachment and to the environment makes working with pallet...

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Attachments catalog - 13

Buckets, material handling Pallet fork with side shift Hydraulic fork adjustment on the pallet fork makes it possible to move the forks further apart or closer to each other easily and comfortably from the driver’s seat. The forks can also be moved to the left or to the right, making it possible to shift the load to the side of the machine - closer to a wall for example. All functions can be operated from the driver’s seat. Pallet fork is equipped as standard with a foldable back frame which enables handling of larger loads and protects the driver from falling objects. • Hydraulic side...

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