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BESTMIX® Software designs best-in-class software solutions for nutrition industries that combine industry-specific knowledge with a relentless passion for innovation. BESTMIX® SpecTrack Product specifications at your fingertips This product is specifically designed for the following industries:

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What is BESTMIX® SpecTrack? BESTMIX® SpecTrack centralizes data of your suppliers on one single web platform. Our solution supports you in enforcing compliance and collecting information from suppliers. The ever-increasing demands of retailers, legislation, auditors, and management require a more structured and efficient approach. As a manufacturer, you manage digitally structured information of your needs in the field of product composition, allergens, nutritional values, certificates, assessments, and more. Consequently, by using BESTMIX® SpecTrack, you always dispose of one version of...

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Which advantages does BESTMIX® SpecTrack offer? 01 / Reduce risk and claims BESTMIX® SpecTrack proactively verifies whether the data is available and still up-to-date. When a certificate or assessment approaches its expiry date, the software will automatically notify you. This allows you to immediately inform your supplier and archive obsolete information. With BESTMIX® SpecTrack, you are in control. Your supplier does not need to provide information that is already submitted. BESTMIX® SpecTrack also notifies you when a supplier has completed or adapted his data. 02 / Unburden You will...

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Models Production Marketing channels Tags /Labels At BESTMIX® Software, we’re proud to offer industry-leading applications and expertise for clients across the globe. Continuous input from our users, almost 50 years of experience and state-of-the art technology guarantee innovative products that make a difference. Customer service Industry knowledge About BESTMIX® Software Our mission, “Software feeding the future,” highlights our dedication to not only deliver state-of-the-art solutions but also to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers. This is proven by our dedication to...

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BESTMIX® Software • Industrielaan 11b, 9990 Maldegem, BELGIUM • +32 50 303 211 • www.bestmix.c

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