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MILKING VACUUM DIAGNUSTICS Logging and Analyzing Milking Vacuum VaDia is developed by BioControl in close cooperation with IDF, the International Dairy Federation and Tine, the Norwegian dairy farmers cooperative. VaDia logs the vacuum during milking at 4 points in the milking cluster. It is battery operated and small and lightweight enough to be attached to a teat cup during milking. VaDia is the ideal instrument for easy Milking Time Testing and fast Pulsator Testing, designed for advisors and professionals in the dairy industry. Graphics VaDia by BtoConBi Graphics VsCia by BioControl Short Milk rear teat front teat immediate milk release, no overmilking, but slow milking bimodal milk release, significant overmilking The IDF project group 'Milking Time Tests and Interpretation of Results' has initiated VaDia as an instrument for Milking Time Test routines. VaDia can be used for vacuum logging during milking to better analyze milking routines and milking equipment in order to improve udder health and milk quality. The logs are stored in the VaDia and downloaded to a PC for de- tailed analysis after milking. Bluetooth streaming data enables immediate, in-parlor results, which is very convenient for diagnostics during milking. _ 4 vacuum channels, indicator light Alkaline possible if rechargeable empty 4 vacuum logging points 4 vacuum channels, 200 samples/second/channel, 8 hours logging capacity Log-file retrieved through USB. Bluetooth streaming data with Rechargeable AA battery, charging from PC-USB. If battery is empty: Alkaline AA can be used for emergency VaDia Suite software for analyzing and report making Water resistant housing, HxWxD:9x6x3 cm. 85 grams BB 14001-1 VaDia/1. Specification may be changed without prior Headquarter: BioControl AS, Grimstad Gard, N-1890 Rakkestad, Norway — — N-America and Mexico: BioControl N-America, 118 N. Conistor Lane STE B327, Liberty, MO 64068, USA — -

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VaDia - 2

MILKING VACUUM DIAGNOSTICS Easy Milking Time Test with VaDia Udder health problems are often related to the milking equipment, many times in combination with inadequate milking routines. Notorious are teat-end vacuum fluctuations due to poor quality liners, liner slips or insufficient vacuum capacity. Pathogens reaching the teat-end due to ’back-spray’ or ’cluster flooding’ is another known cause. BioControl’s VaDia is designed for milking technicians, advisers, veterinarians and other professionals in the dairy industry to deal with udder health and milk quality problems. It is the next...

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VaDia - 3

MILKING VACUUM DIAGNOSTICS Fast Pulsator Testing with VaDia Research clearly demonstrates that malfunctioning pulsators have a big impact on udder health and milk quality. Correct timing of the A, B, C and D-phases is important to ensure fast and com- plete milking; correct vacuum build-up in the pulsator channels is necessary to ensure proper liner opening and closing. Professional dairy farmers understand that the pulsator is a critical compo- nent that needs to be tested periodically. The VaDia Suite PC-software is equipped with a Pulsator Test module for fast and easy pulsator...

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VaDia - 4

MILKING VACUUM DIAGNOSTICS VaDia Suite for analyzing and report making • Fully integrated PC-software with modules for - Milking Time Testing - Cluster Falloff and Attachment testing (ISO 6690) • Always work with latest features with automatic updating, no need to manually install updates • Comprehensive customer database with installation details and results from previous tests • Automatically compare pulsator and vacuum with customer set targets, deviations are highlighted • Analyze MMT results and compare: - milking details, vacuum fluctuations, etc. - milking clusters, liners, vacuum...

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VaDia - 5

MILKING VACUUM DIAGNOSTICS VaDia Suite for analyzing and report making Milking Time Test- jyi Show marker lines summary of all test results Data from different VaDia's are listed as separate series so that MTT results from different milking points can Average short milk tube vacuum Peak flow period 39.9 Cyclic vacuum fluctuations No Irregular vacuum fluctuations 0 Average Milk Flow 1,67 with graphs are listed on the next pages of the report BB 14001-1 VaDia/5. Specification may be changed without prior notice. Headquarter: BioControl AS, Grimstad Gard, N-1890 Rakkestad, Norway —...

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VaDia - 6

MILKING VACUUM DIAGNUSTICS Cluster Falloff and Attachment Test with VaDia The objective of the cluster falloff and attachment test is to test if the vacuum recovery is in accordance with the ISO 6690 standard, which is mandatory in certain countries. The VaDia Suite contains a module to test if the vacuum recovery is according to the standard. VaDia connected to the milk receiver at point Vm (test point may vary due to local legislation) VaDia Kit is complete, in robust transport case • USB cable, Power Supply • Piercing needle - Milk filter holders - Milk filters - Steel tubes • Roll of...

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