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A bloodline as deep as the modern dairy industry itself. Pioneers in milking, since 1852 Today, the BouMatic milking robot has a bloodline that runs as deep as the modern dairy industry itself. Our track record of manufacturing high-quality milking systems started as early as the mid-19th century. In 1852, the original House of Melotte was founded, followed by the ground-breaking invention of the cream separator in 1888 by founder Jules Melotte in Belgium, Europe. Decades later, in 1939, Lawrence Bouma made history with his invention of the Hi-flo pulsator, as an alternative to the...

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1979: The release of Agri-Comp, the first on-farm herd management computer system (2020 model). Jules Melotte 1994: Bou-Matic has divisions in several countries including Australia, England, France, Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia. 1989: Xpressway parlours – the start of “Rapid exit” parlours (patented) 1984: The first unique spiral design Flo-Star claw is introduced. 2012: Opening of BouMatic Robotics Canada 2007: Xcalibur 90LX parallel parlour is introduced. 2012: Glacier Chill is introduced. 1994: Glacier Milk Cooler Tanks are released. 1988: The Milk Sentry is the industry’s first...

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GEMINI: Milking Robot |

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The BouMatic milking philosophy A Revolutionary Vision, Gently, Quickly and Completely Ever since our humble beginnings, we have held true to a set of fundamental beliefs established by our founders. Today, as an industry leader, they are still our guiding principles. • The health of the animal • A dedication to scientific research • The profitability of the milk producer Together, these beliefs can be summed up in The BouMatic Principle : "The milking machine should remove the available milk from the cow’s udder gently, quickly and completely”. BEING KINDER to the cow and maintaining the...

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COW FOCUSED STAFF AND DEALERS All BouMatic staff and dealers receive in-depth training in milking technology and will always base their thoughts, decisions and actions on the BouMatic milking philosophy. In practice, this translates into numerous concrete benefits for the end-user. As a professional farmer, you can expect the best tailored advice from the BouMatic milking experts, combined with milking solutions that are optimally designed to enhance your efficiency and the comfort of your cows. Together, we will strive to get the best milking results for your dairy farm. TECHNOLOGY...

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Driven by our milking philosophy We Are Empowering Your Dairy Farm THE GEMINI MILKING ROBOT DOUBLES YOUR ADVANTAGES Depending on the number of cows to be milked we have a single box milking robot that fulfils all your needs. But, what if you could have a milking system that doubles your advantages in many ways? The Gemini milking robot allows you to benefit from the best milking quality combined in an automated milking system. • What if you could milk 2 cows side-by-side in 1 robot-unit? • What if you could get 2 rooms (milking & equipment) in 1 compact unit? • What if you could milk 2 cows...

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Double up your advantages Meet the Gemini Gently Meet the Gemini: the BouMatic milking robot, built on over 80-years of experience in best milking practices, cow focused and designed to take your dairy farm to the next level! GEMINI: Milking Robot |

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Superior milking quality with the Each cow determines when she is ready to be milked and sets her own rhythm. The identification system recognizes the cow, determines whether it is time to be milked and then decides how much concentrate it should be given. The robot arm approaches the udder between the cow’s back legs. The latest camera techniques are used to determine where the teats are. Gently, quickly and completely, each teat is individually prepped for milking using a liner in a dedicated pre-treatment cup. The entire process is optimally sequenced for teat end cleanliness and milk...

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BouMatic superior milking quality combined with Robotic Automation The BouMatic Robotics department has pioneered and patented a system that attaches the milking equipment from between the cow's back legs, creating a milking experience that is similar to that of a side by side parlour. This system uses an entirely cow-focused approach to automated milking and provides direct benefits when it comes to milking, animal welfare and protecting the system itself. The cow is relaxed, comfortable and free from the visual distraction of arm movement encouraging her to milk often and fast. It keeps...

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Alexandre Serrant La Grand-Celland, France MILKING FROM BEHIND CONVINCED US At Gaec Le Rocher they visited a lot of other robots before they decided to choose for a BouMatic milking robot. It was mainly the milking between the rear legs that convinced them because they noticed that the cows did a lot less kicking at the robot compared to systems that milk from the side. After milking for 5 years with a MR-S1 single robot, the dairy farm management decided to install a MR-D1 double box robot because their herd size had increased to more than 60 cows. They choose for the BouMatic milking...

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Empower your cow with a Comfortable Environment Renowned BouMatic Hygiene product range POST-MILKING 1ST WATER RINSE Rinse system thoroughly with clean water at 110-130°F (43-54°C) to remove heavy milk soil. BRILLIANCE CYCLE Use 1oz to 1-2 gal. (30ml to 3.78-7.56L) of Brilliance. Circulate for 6-10 min. (min. of 20 slugs), keep temp above 110°F (43°C). SANITATION CYCLE Run Sanitation Cycle just prior to milking as required by local regulations. *An additional Pre-Rinse is recommended for bulk tank washes. See BouMatic System Guidelines. DRAIN DOWN TIME Recommended One-Step CIP Procedure For...

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Optimal udder preparation, cow focus Before milking, each teat is individually prepared for milking using a separate liner in a dedicated pre-treatment cup. The entire pre-milking process is optimally sequenced for teat cleaning, teat-stimulation, pre-milking and maximum oxytocin production for optimal milk let-down. When preparation is complete, the milking cups are attached, and milking starts straight away. The whole preparation process lasts 60 to 90 seconds, which is also the time a cow needs to have a good oxytocin release and a good milk let-down. Open view, happier cow Through the...

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