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info@bredal.com www.bredal.com F2 – Mounted spreaders from BREDAL Simple, Precise, Reliable 7120 Vejle . Denmark . Tel.: (+45) 75 89 51 77

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To adjust the spreader settings, use a BREDAL litre weight chart to determine the litre weight of the material to be spread quickly and accurately. The hopper floorbelts are driven mechanically by a wheel pressed firmly against the tractor rear wheel, for constant application rate independent of forward speed. The drive wheel can be adjusted sideways and for length to match different tractors and track widths. BREDAL spreaders always apply in proportion to volume, expressed in litres per ha. This means that only one dosing table is needed for any material which can be spread. The litre...

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The F2W and F2WS are built on a strong and robust frame to ensure that the weighing will be very accurate and reliable. The downshutes and regulating slides are in stainless. The mountings and bearings are in plastic for a easy setting, corrosion resistance and long working life. The F2WS is fitted as standard with weigh cell. As an option it can be factory fitted with the following equipment: • Hydraulic drive throug Bredal 500 or ISOBUS • Automatic setting of downshutes and activating of headland gear from the tractor cab. Further equipment can be selected by need. As an option on the...

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Frame construction strongly built for an accurate weighing and for many years of intensive use. The adjustable drive wheel can be adjusted to different track widths and wheel sizes of the tractor. 2500 litre version with hopper cover. Drive wheel with area measurement. Strong frame construction with weigh cell. Technical Data Version Capacity Width Loading Length Weight Working Headland (ltr.) (cm) height (cm) (kg) width spreading (cm) (m) (m) F2 1500

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