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F2 is a lift-mounted fertiliser spreader for working widths of 12–36 m. F2 is a mechanically driven fertiliser spreader aimed at professional farming. F2 is available as a lift-mounted spreader with a hopper capacity of 1500-4000 litres. 2

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CONSTRUCTION Bredal spreaders have a robust construction and are designed for professional use. Every single component is sturdily constructed to maximise reliability, strength and service life. > Powder coating All painted components on Bredal spreaders are sprayed with two layers of powder coating, which gives a resilient surface, good anticorrosive protection and a beautiful finish. > construction F2 is designed to withstand the very heavy loads that can occur in the field. The spreaders are designed for a maximum service life, which is why high-quality surface treatment is essential....

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1 > Landwheel drive showing the mechanical landwheel drive 2 > Rear door in stainless steel showing the rear door with handle and scale 3 > Gears 4 > downshute 5 > BREDAL F2 2500

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The spreader and all components are sprayed with two layers of powder coating, which gives a resilient surface and a beautiful finish. 7

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1 > Bredal F2 2 > BREDAL F2 hopper seen from above

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BREDAL F2 BREDAL’s F2 model is a lift-mounted, mechanically driven fertiliser spreader The F2 spreader uses simple and robust mechanically driven dosing as standard, which means in practice that dosing is constantly being adjusted automatically to the driving speed without the use of electronics. This means that the tractor PTO should not be connected or disconnected when turning in the headland. Only the hydraulically operated dosing wheel should be activated, which significantly reduces wear on the tractor and spreader. With standard working widths of 12–36 meters and hopper capacities...

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F2 is Bredal’s well-known lift-mounted fertiliser spreader with a capacity of 1.5–4 m3.

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SPREADING OF FERTILISER F2 spreaders are designed to spread with high precision across wide working widths. F2 spreads according to the quadruple overlap principle where each disc spreads across a double working width. This maximises the probability of achieving good spreading results at all times. Bredal spreaders are designed to fling fertiliser particles at a high exit speed. The high speed, combined with a low exit angle (7 degrees), minimises sensitivity to wind in field conditions. Fertiliser is fed to the centre of each disc without being hit by the vane, so the fertiliser particles...

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Bredal’s headland spreading system works by changing the rpm speed of only one disc, to reduce the working width towards a boundary. The disc spreading into the field continues to run at high speed, thereby ensuring double overlap into the field. The Bredal headland spreading system properly delimits the spreading towards the field border, while maintaining the spreading patterns on the side facing the field. The headland gear is easy to operate. Headland spreading is activated manually via the handle on the spread unit and by moving the two downshutes. 1 > Headland spreading schematic...

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SPREADING TESTS > Tested spreaders All Bredal spreaders are tested regularly with a wide range of fertiliser types at the independent Research Centre Bygholm (under the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University). Many tests are performed every day in a very realistic setting. The test results are based on weight-cell technology, i.e. on the amounts actually dispensed (collected in trays), not on theoretical calculations. Bredal uses this test centre for the very reason that it conducts tests under conditions that closely resemble actual field conditions. > Bredal spreading...

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1 > a sieve shaker to determine particle distribution 2 > Calibration kit 3 > Measuring tubes 4 > Bredal Test Kit Test kit includes collector trays (with dividers), measuring tubes, a funnel, crushing-strength tester and a sieve shaker 5 > spreading test in the field with Bredal Test Kit (trays laid out on the field)

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT stainless steel hopper screen > When spreading fertiliser, it is necessary to have a screen inside the hopper to prevent lumps of fertiliser falling down and blocking the opening to the rear door. < crossbar for hydraulic hoses All hydraulic hoses for connecting and disconnecting the landwheel drive are gathered at the front of the tractor, where a pilot controlled check valve is located. The check valve prevents accidental start of dosing. stainless steel rear doors > The rear doors are made of stainless steel, with nylon slide rails to maximise service life and minimise...

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windows > There is a window in the front of the hopper which makes it possible to monitor the hopper contents. < Belt drive The belt drive is constructed with a strong drive roller and front roller and maintenance-free bearing rails. LED lights > Bredal spreaders are equipped with LED lights and side marker lamps.

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT PTO > All spreaders come with a wide-angle 6z PTO shaft. Alternatively, 8z, 20z and 21z PTOs are available. < Mechanical landwheel drive Mechanically operated dosing is driven by a dosing wheel which is pressed against the rear wheel of the tractor. It is activated/de-activated hydraulically from the tractor cab. The dosing wheel can be infinitely adjusted for the different track widths and tyre sizes on the tractor. The dosing wheel drives the dosing belts, making dosing dependent on driving speed. Gearbox > The dosing wheel drives the dosing belts via a powerful...

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spring loaded tightener > Spring loaded V-belt tensioning ensures that these are correctly tensioned at all times. < Spread unit F2 is available with a SPC4500-1 belt transmission, spreading discs for 12–36 m working widths and a headland gear for 24– 36 m working widths. (Alternatively a 12–28 metre headland gear is available.

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