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The K spreader is manufactured in many sizes, from K45 with a 3.5 m3 capacity to K165 with a maximum capacity of 19 m3. The spreaders’ standard equipment is for spreading lime and they can be mounted with optional equipment for spreading fertiliser on working widths from 12 to 36 metres. The K spreaders have many different areas of use, which include the spreading of the following materials: - Agricultural lime - Commercial fertiliser - Sand (top dressing) - Compost - Ashes - Powdered materials - And several other types of material The K series has six different models: K45, K65 and K85 all...

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CONSTRUCTION Bredal spreaders have a robust construction and are designed for professional use. Every single component of a Bredal spreader is designed for optimised reliability and strength to maximise service life. > construction All Bredal K series models come with 10-hole hubs. The axles are available in different widths to meet track width preferences. The entire spreader is designed to withstand the heavy loads that occur in the field. Bredal thoroughly tests all modifications and new designs before they are put on the market, because, as experience shows, the machines are subjected...

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Hopper Support, front (standard) Support, rear (standard) Axle supports (for “high” hitches) Undercarriage 01 1 > CONSTRUCTION showing the main elements of the K spreaders 2 > Belt frame, stainless steel with synthetic bearings 3 > Mechanical landwheel drive for driving-dependent application rate 4 > K spreader with undercarriage bolted to the frame 5 > K spreader with a high hitch welded directly onto the frame 6 > Bredal K spreader with high hitch (without undercarriage)

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The spreader and all components are sprayed with two layers of powder coating, which gives a resilient surface and a beautiful finish. 7

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SPREADING OF LIME Bredal’s sturdily dimensioned spread units make it possible to spread up to 1600 kg/minute. Using 12–16 m lime equipment, it is possible to spread ordinary agricultural lime on working widths of up to 16 m. The spread units are available in two models: the SPC4500-1 with one sturdy V-belt (used on the smallest models) and the SPC4500-2 with two powerful V-belts (used on the biggest models). The V-belts are tensioned with a powerful spring to keep them correctly and uniformly tensioned during operation. The spread unit is mounted on two support brackets that can slide back...

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K105 Bogie is Bredal’s smallest bogie spreader with a capacity of 9.0–14.0 m³.

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SPREADING OF FERTILISER To change over from spreading lime to spreading fertiliser, only the spreading discs and downshutes need to be changed. The 12–36 m spreading equipment is designed for highly accurate spreading, also across wide working widths. The Bredal spreaders operate according to the quadruple overlap principle where each disc spreads in a double working width. This maximises the probability of achieving good spreading results at all times. Bredal spreaders are designed so that fertiliser particles are flung from the spreader at a high exit speed. The high speed, combined with...

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Bredal’s headland spreading system works by changing the rpm speed of only one disc, to reduce the working width towards a field boundary. The field-side disc continues to spread at full rpm, ensuring double overlap into the field. The Bredal headland spreading system sharply delimits the spreading towards the boundary, while maintaining the spreading pattern by overlapping on the side facing the field. The standard headland gear is manually operated. The headland gear downshifts in the V-belt transmission itself so there is still a safety coupling if blocking occurs. The downshifting is...

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SPREADING TESTS > Tested spreaders All Bredal spreaders are tested using countless types of fertiliser at Bredal’s ultra-modern testing centre. The spreading tests are full scale, which means complete spreading. This makes the tests as realistic as possible. Many tests are performed every day in a very realistic setting. The test results are based on weight-cell technology, i.e. on the amounts actually dispensed (collected in trays), not theoretical calculations. > Bredal spreading principle Bredal spreaders operate according to the quadruple overlap system. This means that both discs cover...

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1 > sieve shaker to check grain size 2 > calibrated cylinder for verification of a spreading test 3 > calibration kit 4 > spreading test in the field using a Bredal K spreader and Test Kit (testing trays laid out)

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT mechanical landwheel drive > All standard, single-axle Bredal spreaders are fitted with a mechanical landwheel-drive system. < crossbar for hydraulic hoses All hydraulic hoses are led towards the tractor on a rotatable bracket which also holds a crossbar for the hydraulic hoses. This relieves the strain on the tractor’s hydraulic connections when the spreader is connected, and it is also used for hanging the hydraulic hoses when the spreader is disconnected. All hydraulic hoses on spreaders with multiple hydraulic functions are colour coded, and a functional overview is...

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windows > Windows are mounted on the front of the hopper to visually monitor the hopper contents. < different gear types (KB3 & RT) All single-axle spreaders are fitted with a three-gear chain gear. The K105 Bogie and K135/165 are fitted with gearwheel unit with a built-in oil motor. stainless steel rear door > The rear doors are made of stainless steel, with nylon guidance runners to ensure easy operation, long service life and minimise maintenance.

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT PTO > All spreaders come with a wide-angle 6z PTO shaft. Alternatively, 8z, 20z and 21z PTOs are available. < LED lights Bredal spreaders are equipped with LED lights and side marker lamps. The light boom is made of stainless steel. lime-spreader equipment > Bredal’s standard K spreaders are fitted with lime spreader equipment.

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