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info@bredal.com www.bredal.com Technical data Net weight approx. Capacity (level measure) with extension (level measure) Wheel size Hydraulic jack Excl. Excl. Excl. Standard Standard Standard Hopper length Hopper width Loading height approx. Total length Maximum width K85 with 650/65 x 30.5 tyres, 12-16 m lime/12-24 m fertilizer equipment. Pneumatic brakes are available as an alternative. * Equal to load height and width. All spreaders are supplied as standard with a wide-angle PTO shaft, lights and sidelights. For 12 - 16 m lime/12 - 24 m fertilizer application. K40 with 425/65 x 22.5 tyres, 12-16 m lime/12-24 m fertilizer equipment. K105 with 800/65 x 32 tyres, hopper extension, hydr. dosing control, transmission-activated backup and 12-16 m lime/12-24 m fertilizer equipment. Bredal sand spreader. For mounting on type K45-K105. Bredal 12 m worm drive spreader. K45 with 16.9 x 30 tyres, 12-36 m fertilizer equipment, hopper extension, cover over spreader system and hydraulically-controlled dosing. K135 with 650/65 x 30.5 tyres, 12-16 m lime/12-24 m fertilizer equipment and hopper extension with hydr. cover. K135 comes as standard with hydr. dosing control via Bredal LH500 computer. Simple, precise, reliable K65 with 23.1 x 26 tyres, hopper extension, cover and 12-16 m lime/12-24 m fertilizer equipment.

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STANDARD FEATURES The mechanical drive wheel transfers the vehicle’s speed, enabling the application rate to be adjusted according to the forward speed. The drive wheel is simply and robustly built and can be adjusted to suit different treads and wheel sizes. The drive wheel has a spring pressure of 400 kg. This guarantees that the vehicle wheel speed is always transferred accurately to the conveyor belt. BREDAL spreaders always apply in proportion to volume, expressed in litres per ha. This means that only one dosing table is needed for any material which can be spread. The litre weight of...

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