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TYPE SG & SGS A versatile 3-point linkage mounted spreader for Lime, Fertilizer, Compost, Topdressing etc. Simple: The spreader is developed in a way so that all daily use settings and maintenance are as simple as possible. This ensures accurate application rates and an exact spread pattern, with less risk of error. Precise: knowledge built up over the years in spreading a wide range of products including fertilizer, lime, top dressing sand and compost, has resulted in a versatile spreader for the 3-point linkage. Reliable: Due to the simple construction and the use of high quality components, Bredal has designed machine with a long working life. The simple construction and easy maintenance result in less risk of down time. Stainless steel guarding around the spread discs protects the machine and tractor from corrosive fertilisers and salt. The floorbelt in the hopper base ensures positive metering of material without the need for agitators and allows the possibility to spread lumpy and sticky materials. The combination of components in stainless steel and the high quality powder paint, protects the machine for long-life use. Key benefit of the spreader is versatility, that also includes winter spreading of sand & salt, to allow utilization of the spreader throughout the year.

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TYPE SG & SGS Bredal SG: Simple Precise Reliable Professional spreader 2 disc spreader Precise Spreading over full width Positive Metering Versatile Spreading No agitators Easy in operation High capacity Solid construction TYPE SG & SGS SG-Series is available in 4 different versions: SG-500 SG-1000 SG-1500 SG-2000 Hopper volume*: 500 ltr 1000 ltr 1500 ltr 2000 ltr Hopper length*: 1000 mm 1200 mm 1520 mm 1520 mm Hopper width*: 1400 mm 1750 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm Loading height*: 1125 mm 1300 mm 1430 mm 1600 mm Total length*: 1970 mm 2030 mm 2035 mm 2035 mm Total width*: 1770 mm 1770 mm 2000 mm...

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