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Elyplast for agro-application


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CORROSION RESISTANT FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS FOR AGRO-APPLICATION ROOF: Opaque, gelcoat protected sheets. Translucent protected sheets. SANDWICH PANELS: Internal side made of flat fiberglass rolls. CEILING VENTILATION: Punched ribbed sheets for ceiling ventilation system. Flat roll for the production of exhaust air chimneys. Fiberglass laminates

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FIBERGLASS LAMINATES Elyplast sheets are continuous lamination products manufactured using polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement (GFRP). The Elyplast standard version is orthopthalic resin based, carefully selected to have low levels of styrene, stabilised against UV rays and low shrinkage. Upon request the material can be produced with isopthalic Kristal and self-extinguishing resins. GFRP is a thermoset product. Corrugated rolls having a profile similar to the zinc-coated sheets. Used for roofings, curtain walls, fencings shelters, etc. the wide range of height and length...

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