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OPAQUE AND TRANSPARENT CORRUGATED ROOFING Elyplast fibreglass sheets are ideal for canopies, small houses and technical constructions, even large ones. They are available in opaque or transparent versions, in various colours and different sizes to better meet the specific requirements elyp last .bria nza plas tica .i

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STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION ELYONDA OPAQUE CORRUGATED OR ELYPLAST TRANSPARENT SHEETS They are corrugated or ribbed opaque sheets made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass and loaded with alumina. The Elyonda sheets are produced using isophthalic, anti-UV gelcoat applied on the surface exposed to atmospheric agents, which gives the laminates a high degree of resistance to abrasion. The Elyonda sheets are lightweight, resistant and durable. Choose the most suitable sheet size depending on the size of the roof to be covered (1). Use an angle grinder (3) to make any adjustments in length...

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Light grey Swiss green Smoky grey HALF WAVE OR ONE AND A HALF WAVE OVERLAPPING? HALF WAVE OVERLAPPING 1059 177 51 The Elyonda sheets can meet any requirement of vertical roofing and false ceilings, allowing the widest design freedom when working on both new structures or on partial or complete renovations. The Elyonda opaque sheets can be alternated with Elyplast translucent sheets to create light points, where necessary. Available in the colours of brick red light grey, Swiss green, and smoky grey. The BAZ gasket (9) can be considered a universal gasket: round and small, it is less visible,...

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ELYPLAST CORRUGATED ROLLS FOR CONTINUOUS ROOF COVERINGS Ideal for canopies, pergolas, verandas, gardening, DIY and for roofing and wall applications. Many advantages: protection against direct light, very economical in terms of performance, lightness and flexibility, easy handling and installation, resistance to all weather conditions, excellent dimensional stability, resistance to chemical agents. Flat and corrugated rolls (wave 76/18) in fibreglass for roofs, vertical walls, fences, sheds, etc. In most applications, the different heights and lengths of the rolls allow creating continuous...

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