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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 2

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We present you our catalogue for 2021. For more than 25 years we have been supplying measurement technology for the poultry industry. Our devices are used worldwide on: • Poultry farms • Feed mills • State testing laboratories During these years, we have continued to develop and optimise our products for and together with our customers. We thank all our customers for their loyal partnership and the good cooperation and look forward to the years to come. Your Dr.- Ing. Stefan Broring and Team

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 3

Our world revolves around eggs Since 1994, the Bröring IT company has been in the egg industry worldwide. We develop high-quality measuring instruments and software for the quality inspection of eggs. From the very beginning, the quality of our products has been our most important concern . On the following pages we present our measuring instruments for the examination of chicken eggs, as well as poultry scales and accessories. Table of contents Poultry scale ___ Breaking strength / FEST device Egg freshness / Haugh Units ____ Yolk colour meter Shell thickness Complete packages Replacement...

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 4

Measurement technology for the poultry industry for over 20 years Poultry scale Poultry Scale BRÖRING BIT PS 3.0 / Bluetooth - Innovative solution for manually weighing your animals Here we present our new product - poultry scale Bröring BIT PS 3.0, which we have developed in cooperation with users over the last few years: Portable, handy poultry scale            Storage capacity : 240,000 records For pullets, laying hens and fattening poultry Operation via touchscreen or smartphone / tablet Display of individual weight, average, uniformity, min./max. and count incl. Android app...

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 5

Poultry scale BIT PS 3.0 with Bluetooth and USB The individual weights are stored on the scale and can then be transferred either via USB interface to a PC or via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone. On the smartphone or PC, documents can be generated from the data in PDF format or as Excel files (CSV), which can then be sent by e-mail. In addition, the data can be transferred to an online database. Via a web server, the data can be displayed on any end device, e.g. Android, Apple or PC. The data can optionally be stored on a database server of the customer, where they are protected from...

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 6

Measurement technology for the poultry industry for over 20 years Breaking strength Fast Egg Shell Tester to measure the egg shell breaking strength. The stability of the eggshell is one of the most important parameters for egg quality. With our breaking strength measuring device, the breaking strength of eggs can be determined easily and quickly. The FEST device has a very robust metal housing and can be operated quickly and easily with two buttons. The breaking strength of the eggshell can be displayed either in Newton or gram. A measurement takes only approx. 2-3 sec. and means a very...

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 7

Options for Bröring breaking strength measuring system FEST (Fast Egg Shell Tester) 1101 Bröring EggQuality System 3.0 FEST inclusive : Power supply unit Calibration weight 1000 g Carrying case (Art.-No.:6003a) Dimensions (case, 350 x 150 x 290 mm (W*H*D) Weight: 8,8 kg (incl. accessories and case ) Bröring EggQuality System 3.0 FEST with Bluetooth incl. power supply unit, calibration weight 1000 g, carrying case Bröring EggQuality System 3.0 FEST with battery and charger incl. power supply unit, calibration weight 1000 g, carrying case Bröring EggQuality System 3.0 FEST with battery and...

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 8

Measurement technology for the poultry industry for over 20 years Egg freshness / Haugh Units Today, the Haugh unit is considered the gold standard for egg quality testing. With our albumen height gauge, you can determine the egg freshness in just a few seconds. The process works as follows: Weigh the egg Crack the egg onto a level glass plate Position the albumen height gauge over the egg white so that the measuring needle is above the egg white at a distance of approx. 1 cm from the edge of the yolk Press down the needle The value is automatically calculated and displayed in the software....

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 9

Yolk colour meter Our measuring devices work with an RGB sensor whose filter curves correspond to the human eye (3-range method). From the red, green and blue components, we calculate the L*a*b* values, from which the Roche value is then calculated. In our software, both the L*a*b* values and the Roche values are stored. The name "Roche" refers to the company Roche, which published the colour fan shown here on the right a few years ago. A few years ago, Roche was taken over by DSM Nutrition Products GmbH. The colour of the egg yolk is traditionally indicated in "Roche values" from 1 to 15....

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 10

Measurement technology for the poultry industry for over 20 years Shell thickness The shell thickness is determined with a special measuring probe. A "normal" micrometer probe has two parallel measuring surfaces. These are unsuitable for determining the shell thickness because of a curvature of the eggshell. We supply a special measuring probe with a rounded contact surface and offer a convenient holder to match the measuring probe. The measuring probe is available with or without data cable. The measuring probe can be connected directly to your computer.

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Bröring Informationtechnologie 2021 - 11

Complete packages We offer complete packages with all necessary components for your applications Bröring EggQuality 3.0-the cost-efficient introduction into the measurement of egg freshness (Haugh units) This package contains all individual components necessary for the recording of Haugh units. Prerequisite: PC with Windows operating system (Windows 7 - 10) and USB or RS232 interface. Bröring EggQuality 3.0 basic equipment (Haugh-Units) consists of the following individual components: Software, suitable for Windows systems 7 - 10 Mini data collector Albumen height gauge Laboratory balance...

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