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3600XL-B 4000XLwiDE BODY 4500WIDE BODY SOOOVVIDE BODY RUGGED FRAME The lower frame is constructed of heavy wall 6x8 inch tubing. The upper frame is constructed of mainly 3x5 inch tubing. The use of steel tube gives all Cadman Travellers higher torsional strength than typical I-beam constructions. TANDEM AXLE/HIGH FLOATATION TIRES Four 6,500 pound spindles support 14L x 16.1 inch rib implement tires. The tandem axle feature provides maneuverability and stability. far superior and safer than a 4-wheel wagon style or a single axle. When operating in adverse conditions, weight can be...

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OwiDE BODY 5000wiDE BODY A disc brake ensures that proper tension is applied to the drum when unwinding the hose. This prevents recoil when the tractor comes to a stop at the end of the pull. When fully applied, the Traveller can then be moved safely from field to field without concern of recoil. EASY-TO-READ SPEEDOMETER All Cad man Travellers are equipped with an easy-to-read speedometer, displaying the hose retrieval rate. ACCURATE HOSE INDEXING Cadman's hose guide system keeps the polyethylene hose in its place accurately and efficiently. With its rugged design, maintenance is kept to a...

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Performance is shown with appropriate Komet Twin Volume Gun or Nelson Big Gun. Lane spacing was obtained by taking 20% off of the published diameter of the gun. Performance data has been obtained under ideal test conditions and may be adversely affected by wind, trajectory of the gun or other factors. No representation regarding droplet condition, uniformity, or suitability for a particular application is made herein.

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