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HPWP Series - 1

AIR CIRCULATION & MANCOOLER PRODUCTS Ideally suited for circulating air in Industrial and Commercial Applications. Canarm’s “CP” Fans help save energy year round. Available with 36”, 48” and 56” blade sweeps. Variable speed motor (all motors are impedance protected, PSC type variable speed with permanently lubricated ball bearing motors). When used with our MC series speed controls the speed range is infinite. Painted steel blades with curved ends deliver maximum airflow over wide areas. All models are reversible (exception: CP56 c/w cord & plug is downdraft only). Reversible motor provides both winter destratification and summer time cooling. Downrods available as accessories in 8” or 36” sizes. See next page.

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HPWP Series - 2

AIR CIRCULATION & MANCOOLER PRODUCTS WCANARM HVAC Everyone knows that hot air rises. Buildings with ceilings higher than 8 feet have a significant amount of stored heat at the ceiling that will transfer through the roof and be lost and wasted. The higher the ceiling, the greater amount of energy loss potential from the stored heat at the top of the building. This heat/energy loss can be significantly reduced resulting in lower energy bills by the use of Canarm Ceiling Fans. There can be as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit difference between floor and ceiling. Heaters will be working when the...

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HPWP Series - 3

AIR CIRCULATION & MANCOOLER PRODUCTSCHROME 56" INDUSTRIAL FANLight Duty 56” blade sweeps 3 metal blades J Hook hanger for ceiling fan approved electrical box 4-Speed wall control included Also available in black Downrods available as accessories in 36”. See below. AMPS AMPS WATTS AIR VELOCITY AIR DELIVERY 5' FROM FAN @ FLOOR DOWNROD SHIPPING WEIGHT LENGTH (LBS.) CP56CH - approved for Electrical Box c/w 4 speed wall control CP56BK - approved for Electrical Box c/w 4 speed wall control Chrome Black Downdraft Downdraft FAN GUARDS & ACCESSORIES CP93-56KD INDUSTRIAL FAN GUARD Great for...

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