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Thresher Plot 2375

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PLOT 2375 Small thresher for particles Small thresher suitable for parcels and for small productions. It is useful for threshing cereals (wheat - barley - oats - rice - rye), small seeds (clover, alfalfa, seeds of vegetable plants), but also chia, quinoa, amaranth etc ..., of legumes (beans - chickpeas - lentils – wild peas - peas - broad beans etc.), oilseeds (soy - rapeseed - flax etc.). The Plot 2375 threshing machine has been well met by the numerous seeds producers, but also of Universities, Agricultural Institutes and Research Laboratories, in Italy and abroad, and is appreciated for its constructive simplicity, manageability and above all for its absolute lack of pollution when switching from one crop to another. The machine is mounted on four wheels, two of which are pivoting, a solution suitable both for work at a fixed location and for small movements on compacted ground or in yards. The most important adjusting are the variation of the beater turns and the wind metering for separation. The powering, autonomous as standard, can be: 1. with 2.2 kW three-phase electric motor (on request also single-phase) when the work is essentially near points from which to take electricity; 2. with 9.5 HP - 4-stroke petrol engine, in the case work out in the field. Threshing is delicate as the beater is equipped with rubber blades in order not to damage the seeds and to preserve germinability. The work cycle can be monitored through transparent plexiglass panels. The operator will notice that the seeds, together with many shredded and lighter particles, descend downwards where there is a collection basin while the lighter particles are aspirated up and begin to rise to the top where, through the obligatory channelling, they pass in the right chamber to then be expelled out through the fan or end up in the recovery drawer. This cycle is provided by an aspirator mounted on the side; it creates a strong depression of air in the larger chamber, suck air from the part under the beater and consequently sucking up all the light particles with a specific-weight lower than the seeds that are threshing. This vacuum is adjustable by means of a metal bulkhead. The production of grain is proportionate to its size and in any case it is related to the skill of the staff responsible for this work and can be around from 100 to 300 kg of grain per hour, depending on the kind of seeds and the people employed. The machine, with CE marking, is equipped with safety systems, developed in order to preserve the safety of the operators and to reduce the probability of unwanted events during use.

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Machine equipped with speed variator device to obtain the most suitable beater turns for each single product to be threshed Powered by electric motor or by combustion engine TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS DRUM 3 tired blades Diameter mm. 350 Width mm. 375 CONCAVE Interchangeable DIMENSIONS Length mm. 2180 Width mm. 1100 Height mm. 1780 WEIGHT Kg. 305 Data and design without obligation CICORIA S.r.l. S.S. 168 Km. 30,100 - 85026 Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) Italy Tel.: 0039 0972 45131 -

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