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Clipex® HD2000 Cattle handling made easier, faster and simpler r All Images in this document are for illustration purposes only.

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0 Hot dip galvanised 0 Fully Pneumatically operated 0 Approx 2000kg Construction 0 450Mpa High Tensile Steel 0 Automatic Drafting Option Available Non-Bruising Technology

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Clipex® HD2000 Cattle Crush Models Product type Vet section Nearside/Offside Internal length Internal width Manual operation Pneumatic operation Squeeze Headbail lock Headbail Total height Weight Corrosion protection Steel corner castings Main frame material Entry gate Slam catches Rump bar Side access doors Head holder Floor Access door options Offside option Automation operation Front adapter posts Max number of draft gates Warranty AUTO HD2000 Yes Both 3800mm 750mm No - Optional Yes Parallel squeeze Double infinite locking bar Hybrid low air pressure with mechanical lock 2250mm 2050kg...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 4

Reduce labour costs Accurate weighing increases selling options and margins After sale service and support by experienced and dedicated staff Safe and efficient way to manage and reduce stress on your cattle Reduces fatigue and bodily harm Easy to operate and maintain Low operating pressure Anti-bruising headbail technology Hot dip galvanised Min-600g/m2 Automated Control Patented features Air supply (minimum 18CFM-100PSI), and a minimum of a 3/4" hose & fittings to suit. Reccomended to have a minimum tank size 85L "With the launch of our Sheep Handler back in 2012, we worked hard to...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 5

Cattle Handling Made Easy WORK LARGE HERDS The Clipex® HD2000 cattle crush was designed in conjuction with our permenant yard compoents. Together they can handle any operation size, quietly and efficiently. The HD2000 is pneumatically operated while maintaining physical locking mechanisms for precise control and safer operations. Combined with its noise reducing features, pneumatic control and automated drafting, the HD2000 cattle crush is as easy on the cattle as it is to operate. FULLY AUTOMATED HANDLING The Clipex® Auto HD2000 cattle crush handles up to 300 cattle an hour with its fully...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 6

HD2000 Crush Features Our HD series cattle crushes have our best features yet. Double Parallel squeeze Each HD2000 crush is equipped with our cutting edge double parallel squeeze. Equipped with an infinite locking mechanism and air assist, the squeeze locks in any position while being silent and responsive. Side sheet metal to eliminate gaps Pneumatic Assist Infinite Locking Mechanism Split Gate Entry Doors The HD2000 series crush features our pneumatically operated split entry doors. Designed from our heavy duty headbail, it is durable, responsive and lightning fast.

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 7

Integrated Side Draft Our HD series crushes, features complete inside and out hot dip galvanising at 600g/m2, which is the gold standard of machinery coatings, outperforming pre-gal and paint coatings by up to 400%. Zinc (Zn) is a self sacrificing coating which prevents rust from corroding steel quickly. The more zinc present, the longer the life span of the steel. Hot dip galvanisation expands on this by bonding with the material, not only creating a thick zinc outer layer but also creating a bonded zinc inner layer (Zn-Fe), making it extremely difficult to remove. Hot dip galvanising has...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 8

Innovative Headbail Design Our HD series cattle crushes contain our leading edge HD headbail system with anti-brusing technology. Our pnumaitc headbails do not use air as a locking mechanism. Instead each door is independantly locked with mechanical infinite locking mechanisms. This enables the headbail to be pneumatically operated at a very low Pressure removing any bruising capability as normally seen in pneumatic solutions. Dual Mechanical Locks Stainless Housing Infinite Locking Teeth Solid Square Locking Bar Lock Release Air Cylinder 1 Infinite Lock 1 Door 1 Low Pressure Air Assist...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 9

State Of The Art Technology The HD2000 was designed with automatic features in mind. Using state of the art technology, the HD2000 truly does make cattle handling easier and more efficient. 3 Independent Panasonic Sensors 3 The HD2000 Auto crush, includes 3 animal presence sensors. Using these sensors our automatic software can determine where the animal is and ensure you do not double feed the crush. Innovative Control Panel Electronic Control Pneumatic Control The HD2000 Auto Crush control panel has been designed to incorporate all of your electronic control options as well as manual air...

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 10

Innovative Design Features The Clipex® HD2000 cattle crush contains patented features to ensure unprecedented performance and ease of use. Patented Clipex® Rattle Free Latch Tapered Finish For Silent Operation Easy Pull Back Handler Silent Removable Floor Joining Bracket Food-Grade Polyurethane Rubber Hot-Dip Gal Steel Mesh Included Chin holder Lock Release Head Brace Infinite Locking Mechanism Extendable Handle Adjustable Width

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 11

Patented Clipex® Steel Castings All doors and gates use our patented steel casting technology. Tube is located inside the casting then welded on all faces Our Patented Steel Casting ensure the strongest possible steel frame. There are no butt joins. Unprecedented Access Our HD cattle crush range was built with animal access in mind while being extremely strong. Enjoy access to anywhere in the crush while restraining your cattle Each side is also identical so that you can get easy access from any side

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 12

Increased Adjustment The Clipex® HD2000 cattle crush has been designed to incorporate unprecedented adjustment to suit every application Heavy Duty Adjustable Boom Arm Over 135 Degrees Of Movement 90O Operate At Almost Any Angle Or Position 45O Internally Run Air-Lines And Cables Innovative Modular Design Oil Impregnated Nylon Bushes Easily removable and Customisable door design Silent Folded Sheeting All Moving parts use oil impregnated nylon bushes to prevent any wear and tear Each door can be easiliy customised and replaced to suit any need.

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HD2000 BOOKLET - 13

Wireless Control The Clipex® Auto HD2000 cattle crush was designed to operated easily with the press of a button Heavy duty wireless foot remote 2nd Left – This button drafts to the machine second left 2nd Right – This button drafts to the machine second right Heavy duty wireless foot remote The Clipex Auto HD2000 cattle crush has a 2 optional foot remotes, for operating the machine. Each foot remote is wireless and has up to 4 functions 3 Pedal Edition Headbail Open Headbail Close Entry Gate Open Entry Gate Close Please note: The 3 Pedal Edition can only use 3 functions at once, but each...

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